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Arctic Light

sailing to the edge of the world

26 July 1976
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I came. I watched. I squeed. :)

My favorite thing as a fan (as my LJ handle suggests) is platonic friendships and family/sibling relationships. I write and rec a lot of gen, but also pairing fic (of all ratings) when the mood takes me. This journal is gen/het/slash friendly; I do not like bashing of characters, pairings or other fans. (Snark, on the other hand ...) I get cranky about spoilers; please don't spoil me for something I'm currently watching.

I don't friend most of the people who friend me because I like to keep my reading list small. There's no need to ask me before friending, and lurking is perfectly fine, too. I also have a DW journal (same handle) where I crosspost my fannish stuff and meta.

All my fanfic and OCs and original worlds are entirely open to the creation of derivative fanworks. I'll be thrilled if someone else joins me in my sandbox.

I also have a long-running space opera webcomic, Kismet, if that sort of thing is your cup of tea!