Winter Sunlight

Some happy fandom things!

I got a gift in AU Fest (an associated promptfest for AU Exchange) and it is amazing! ♥

A Dead Man and a Fugitive Walk Into a Bar (Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty, 8300 wds, gennish Tang Fan/Wang Zhi + Dong'er)
Canon divergence in which the good guys lose and have to go on the run. Very canon-grounded with a strong sense of the ensemble despite most of them not appearing on page, plus a delightful use of the fake-relationship trope and just general wonderfulness and perfection all around.

Other things which look nice:

Gen-ish Prompt Fest run by [personal profile] frith_in_thorns! All fandoms welcome; leave prompts or fill prompts or both!

The mod for Fandom Giftbox went AWOL and left a bunch of gifts unrevealed, so someone started a thread on the comm where you can link to gifts you made or check if you have gifts. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Jump Scare!

The Jump Scare exchange opened this weekend and I have two AMAZING gifts!

White Linen (The Alienist, 1900 wds, John & Sara & Laszlo)
Lovely h/c with the trio lost in the woods, dealing with an illness.

Dislocated (Falcon & Winter Soldier, 4300 wds, Bucky/Zemo + Sam)
Please heed warnings on fic. After a devastating incident involving mind control, the three lean on each other to heal.

They are both utterly lovely, and entirely my thing in slightly different ways. This exchange in general is small but excellent, and I've really enjoyed everything I've read so far. There is also, for example, a really excellent Falcon & Winter Soldier fic focused on Isaiah (also feat. Sam) that is chilling and fascinating and makes you doubt your own reality in the best horror tradition.

AU-Ex (Alternate Universe Exchange) also released today! I didn't up for it, but I did pinch hit, and between the two of them (this and Jump Scare) I have five currently anonymous fic. Finding them is left as an exercise for the reader. (Well, obviously I'll 'fess up after reveals.) This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Faro's Daughter redux

Having finished the book, I absolutely LOVED it and can now firmly say that it may be right up there with The Foundling as Favorite Heyer Ever. And the ending was a big part of that. (Possibly the fact that I haven't read any of her books in a while was also part of that. But still, it dovetailed very neatly into Things I Like.)

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Winter Sunlight

I'm reading Faro's Daughter

I went through a Heyer phase several years ago and sort of stalled out on it (I find there's an extremely steep diminishing-returns curve on her books - I love them in direct inverse proportion to how many of them I've read lately, starting off at love and sliding very fast into "I feel like I've read the same book three times in a row and it's rapidly losing its appeal") but anyway, I stopped before I ran out of books, so I've had Faro's Daughter hanging around in Mt. TBR ever since, and finally decided to read it. This book is so, so hilarious and adorable. It might be giving The Foundling some competition for Favorite Heyer Ever.

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Winter Sunlight

Spook Me!

[personal profile] spook_me is back! I just looked at their LJ account creation date and this fest first ran in 2006, which makes this their unbelievable SIXTEENTH YEAR, especially unbelievable given that I participated in the first year - it was the John and Rodney time-looping through the Stargate fic - and have signed up nearly every year since. (Not that I always managed to finish anything, or even manage to finish anything a majority of times, but it's a low-pressure fest in which not finishing anything is perfectly fine.) Other things I've written for it over the years include Ward being haunted by his dead dad's ghost; the Agent Carter lake monster fic which I still maintain had the best prompt pic I've ever gotten; and Ghost Stories in the Van for White Collar, which I literally creeped myself out writing. (One of the bookmark notes says "creepy as fuck and now im never sleeping again." Quality feedback.)

So I signed up.

Sign-up post and instructions here! Basically you sign up with a fandom (this can change later and can also be original fiction) and pick a horror monster/threat from the list, and after signups close, they email you two related pictures, one or both of which can be used as prompts in addition to the monsters.

It's an incredibly fun fest for me because it's just a little bit different from everything else that's out there, and even when I don't finish anything, which is frequently, I still get a lot of autumn/Halloween feelings and inspiration out of it.

SIXTEEN YEARS, YOU GUYS. I don't know if there's anything other than Yuletide that's been running so long. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Help, I have a problem

And the problem is that I can't stop staring at pictures of Daniel Brühl. I haven't had an actor crush hit me this hard in ages - transient character crushes and minor rounds of bingeing on various actors' backlists, sure, that happens all the time, but this is like a full-blown teenage "cutting pictures out of celebrity magazines and taping them up on your bedroom wall" type of crush.

Brains. Why are they like this. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

Tab-closing links

A total mishmash here.

Places to donate to help southern Lousiana posted by [personal profile] yhlee.

Twitter thread summarizing an interesting large-scale study on effects of community masking on COVID in Bangladesh. A few interesting takeaways from looking at the graphs: with community-wide masking in the real world (i.e. masks as actual people use them, which probably involves some people being diligent and others not), the demographic where they mainly found significant differences in COVID rates and symptoms was in elderly people wearing surgical masks. Cloth masks appear to be overall pretty useless but may reduce symptom severity somewhat. They found no statistically significant difference for masking vs. not masking in the non-elderly, possibly due to either low mask compliance or low rate of symptomatic cases. The thread has a lot more information on methodology and results.

• And for something totally different and much more fun, Whumptober is back and here is the list of 2021 prompts. I still preferred the old style where they had just one prompt per day and then an alternate list that you could swap into any day where you don't like or can't write the prompt; now there are three prompts per day to choose from, plus an alternate list. Last year I took one look at this and noped out due to choice paralysis. This year I might try it, though probably not the whole thing. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

A passing Falcon & Winter Soldier rec

This is the place by [ profile] solgarmr (56K, Sam/Bucky + Zemo)
Captain America, Bucky Barnes and one of the most dangerous men on earth take a break from the world and learn that talking about their feelings isn't really that bad.

This is tagged Sam/Bucky, but is actually more like Sam/Bucky/Zemo or Sam/Bucky + Bucky/Zemo ... but in a really unusual way. So basically, you don't encounter true relationship ambiguity in fanfic very often. Not in the sense that the story is intentionally coy about what's going on, but rather, it's that most fanfic hits very traditional romance beats, and this doesn't. Instead it exists in the slippery, awkward relationship zone where even the people involved can't quite nail down what's happening here. It's not exactly platonic, not exactly romantic, and not exactly smarm. But there clearly is something going on - something tender and fraught and slow-burn, for all three legs of the triad, but in very different ways. The writing is awkward in places, but the story makes up for it (for me).

It's sweet and unusual and painful and weird, and perhaps one of my favorite things that I've read in the fandom so far. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Winter Sunlight

(no subject)

I woke up cranky this morning and deleted several comments off the Alienist post, because I don't particularly want to hear how the show sucks and the book is better, or the creator hates the show, or whatever. No one was rude or insulting, and it's not you, it's me; you're as welcome to your opinion as I am to mine! But that being said, I took out the parts of the post about the book, because apparently that's what everyone was getting hung up on, and people coming out of the woodwork to tell me they don't like the show wasn't a problem I'd been having on past posts about it. So let's not do that.

Meanwhile the cold, rainy weather finally broke, and it was mild and nice. I got some garden work done and wrote out on the deck for a while. We could use a week or two of pretty, mild weather before fall really sets in, and I hope we get it. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.