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Here are just a few of the things we do not have to worry about for at least the next 4 years:

- The ACA being repealed or intentionally undermined.
- Dreamers being deported.
- Refugee and immigrant quotas being reduced.
- Environmental regs being rolled back.
- Embarrassingly unqualified candidates being placed in major national positions of power and proceeding to bungle things accordingly.
- The federal government ignoring a major pandemic.
- Rolling back of anti-discrimination protections.
- Dismantling of public education.
- The US pulling out of major international treaties.

And I mean, a whole lot more, and obviously there are many things that need to be done; we've all seen, I guess, how slippery the slope is when we get complacent. I hope the amount of Getting Things Done energy from the last four years carries forward. (I'm sure as hell more actively political than I was four years ago.) But there's just so much exhausting, distracting, miserable background radiation that we will no longer have to deal with, and that's leaving aside the sheer torrent of stupidity and vitriol blaring out of the White House that is just ... not a thing anymore.

It's like leaning into a high wind and then suddenly having the wind die down and learning to stand up straight again.

We made it!!

And not just that. We have the first female VP, also the first Black/Asian VP. We have the first Jewish Senate Majority leader, and only our second-ever Catholic president. We have a president with a speech impediment, which I know has got to be an inspiration to some kids who struggle with it. We squeaked by on razor-thin margins, but we have a blue House, Senate, and presidency. The ~glorious Jan. 20 revolution~ fizzled like a wet match; the fringe right is disorganized and demoralized and has lost both its leader and at least some of its platform for amplification. (They're not gone, but they're limping.)

That Fucker really did try to style himself dictator every chance he got, and we didn't let him.

We worked HARD for this, and it's okay to just take a breath and feel good for a little while.
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