Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Creatures from the fic lagoon

Using a combination of Google and rec comms, I've been exploring Torchwood fic from ye olde internet, back in the 2007-2008-ish era of the original fandom. It's such a nostalgia trip. People rating fic R for language and including warnings about it. Multi-part fic posted across 5 or 10 LJ posts. Finding an absolutely brilliant little gem of a fic and then realizing that nothing in their journal is tagged, so you just have to look through every entry hoping you'll hit on something else relevant to your interests ...

The pre-AO3 days, y'all.

Other things I've found: so much Gwen-bashing. So much porn. Some familiar, half-forgotten LJ names from other fandoms. A surprising amount of love for Owen, who I remember being widely hated or at least unpopular when I fell head over heels for him and took my very brief 2008-era dip into the fandom. But the impression I'm getting now is that while a lot of people did dislike him or were at best neutral on him, a small corner of the fandom really loved him.

One thing that's been a little bit disconcerting about getting back into it after all these years is that the fandom pretty much loves the entire OG team equally now. It's nice. The early fandom feels much more brittle and divided, more ship-warry and just generally harsh.

Anyway, I'll do a recs post for what I've found soonish. I'm surprised how much of the fic is still online. I expected more dead links. This entry is also posted at with comment count unavailable comments.
Tags: tv:torchwood
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