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It was a slow day at work today, leading to random surfing.

Via naye: Joe Flanigan answers the question "How do you get your hair to do that?" (His impression of his own hair killed me dead.)

(On a side note, is it just me, or has Flanigan relaxed a lot in his interviews and fan talks? It seems like he always used to be kind of ... reticent, or maybe shy, like he was a little intimidated by talking to the fans -- although, frankly, considering how some fans behave and some of the horror stories he'd no doubt heard, who can blame him? I really started noticing it in the Comicon video, how he seemed to be holding his own against more outgoing actors like Hewlett; it seems like he's gotten more used to speaking in front of the fans, and is more easily able to relax and just be his goofball self. Or something like that...)

This isn't remotely fan-related, but, being the grammar-stickler that I am, The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks absolutely cracks me up.

And I'm probably the last person on the planet to discover Demotivators (my husband, when I showed him the link, said they even had some of these at his last job), but I can't help being amused. I feel less motivated already!
Lol, awesome video. And yeah, I think he really has relaxed a lot-- I saw him at Comic Con in... 2006? and although he was pretty funny, he mostly only talked when people asked him questions directly. Nice to see him come into his own. :)

(Speaking of grammar and being easily amused, I think the funniest thing I've read in a long time is this thread in the NaNo forums... oh, the things people write)
Yeah, I remember in the early group interviews, he seemed really low-key and kind of awkward. I was surprised to see in this summer's Comicon video that he was relaxed and joking along with the others -- actually, he was probably the funniest one on the panel, and that's a panel that included Hewlett and Tapping! I remember earlier articles referring to Flanigan being uncomfortable with the intense-ness of sci-fi fandom. I'm glad to see that he seems have gotten into the fun of it; and presumably that means his fans have generally been nice to him and not sent him over the edge into skeeviness.

... and oh, that LINK! I cannot stop reading! THE HORROR! I wonder how many NaNo novels have failed because of time lost to that thread? The constant fourth-wall-breaking ... oh my.
I was at the con last weekend & saw Joe Flanigan - he seemed *really* comfortable, making jokes in this low-key, self-deprecating way, and not being afraid to address things he thought were serious issues. He was almost more comfortable than Michael Shanks, from whom I got much more of a sense of performance. MS seemed edgy, like he'd had a rougher time with audiences in the past, and I wonder if that's not part of how fans relate to Sheppard vs how they relate to was interesting, in any case. (What was sweet, too, was how much of an effort he was putting into making sure people enjoyed themselves - he was darn cute, too!)
As a long time Stargate fan and having attended a number of cons where Micheal has been a guest, I would say that yes - Micheal does have a stage performance - and a big part of it has to do with his past interactions with fans.

I don't know why, but Daniel seemed to attack the more extreme elements of the fan base. I am not saying that the other actors don't have problems with fans (there have been some issues with stalkers for the others) but even so - I can understand why MS has a stage persona. (I also think that MS is by nature much shyer then even Joe and that might have something to do with it)
Upon reading con reports coming out of Burbank, I had the same thought - wow, Joe is really relaxed and mellow, comfortable. I couldn't believe some of the things he discussed, especially his adoption. Really surprised me as in the past he seemed reticent to get too personal or handle the "out of left field" kind of questions. It is really cool to see him come into his own at appearances. Must have a grip on fandom now.

Got a kick out of the "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks blog, too. Hadn't seen that one before.
He's adopted? I didn't know that.

Yeah, I've always in the past gotten the impression that he's very private and isn't really comfortable with the intensely public nature of sci-fi fandom -- which is fine, I certainly think he's entitled to that, but I was really surprised to see at the Comicon videos from last summer that he was just as relaxed and silly as the others on the panel, and it seems like the trend's continuing. Which makes for fun viewing. *g*
Do you remember the video interview form gateworld in 2005 and how uncomfortable and stiff he was?

Kind of cool vid interview.

Not that I could blame him to go from normal acting to the world of science fiction, obsessed fandom. I'm glad he's found his way and is comfortable and how incredibly nice he is towards fans. Which is saying a lot since we all know there are so pretty intense fans out there.
Oh wow! I usually read the Gateworld episodes rather than watching/listening to them, so you do lose a lot of subtext that way. The contrast between that and the more recent videos is really amazing. I'm really happy to see that the whole sci-fi fan/convention experience obviously hasn't been unpleasant for him, since he's relaxing and enjoying it more and doing more conventions than he used to.
I haven't watched the vid, but I've read some reports. The part about his hair is hilarious. :)

Loved the "blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. :) Thanks.

Yes, I discovered Demotivators long ago, but they're awesome. :) I like to check back every so often for new ones. :)
I find it hilarious that his hair actually does have a life of its own, much as the fans portray it. Hee!

We were passing around the link to the "blog" at work; I work in the layout department at a newspaper, so needless to say, it happened to hit our grammar-geek sense of humor perfectly.
Oh. My. God.

Thanks for the link to the Joe Flanigan vid.

I was laughing so hard several people asked what the hell was wrong with me... :D
LOL! Happy to pass it on. I hate to use the word "adorable" for a grown man, but, well ... it is!
Oh man, I was laughing so hard about the hair bit that I was crying. (Boiiing. Doiing. Ping.)
That video is totally Made of Win.

Particularly elegant are the sound effects.

(Also, the FX defying hair. :)
I know! The sound effects are just too much -- and it cracked me up that his gravity-defying hair is actually not a hairstyle but this ongoing problem that Flanigan actually has. *dies*
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (I can't say LOL because when I laugh really hard I don't make much sound)

That is wonderful. And I was wondering if it were possible for Joe's hair to be smoothed down.(I was thinking of that for Mensa Sheppard) Looks like the only way we will get that would be in fanfic - as fanfic writers would not have to deal with Joe's hair.

It's too hilarious that his hair actually does have a life of its own, just as it's portrayed by the fans. The hair is canon! (And yeah, I'd love to see Mensa Sheppard with slicked-back hair ... but it might not be possible to do it with Flanigan's own hair!)
The video is great, and I'd say that yes, he's relaxed a lot more since he started doing cons. It takes a while to get used to dealing with fans. believe it or not, David was pretty shy at his first con (Kung Fu) back in the 90s, but he's definitely blossomed since!

And I'm sure there's at least one person out there who doesn't know about Demotivators. I love that site. MISTAKSE is my favorite demotivator :)
Having seen Joe at the first two Vancouver Creation cons, I also was thinking how much more relaxed he was when I saw him this weekend. Perhaps a bit TOO relaxed! At the breakfast where he sat at our table and talked for several minutes, while speaking of the Malibu fires, he told us enough about where he lives that I would have little problem finding it. It's a gated community, sure, but still we were ALL flabbergasted. From those who were at our table and did con reports, none of us have mentioned any of the pertinent details.

And you are totally right about Michael Shanks' stalkers. I am personnally acquainted with two of them (unfortunately) and it's not pretty.
glad the folks who were privy to the info have not spread it around. Glad he's also in a gated community so that's extra protection for him and his family. Fortunately I'm not acquainted with any of Michael Shanks stalkers (phew!) but have heard enough and I've run across enough nutty/whacko fans (not necesarily stalkers but people who really really need to get a reality adjustment) that it must be scary to be an actor these days..
LOL! I loved the vid - Joe is much more relaxed than some I've seen on youtube - and the sound effects etc of his hair were hilarious! Poor Joe though!

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks was fun, and the demotivators are excellent - I'd seen some before, but not all of them. So many to love (wishes, dare to slack, teamwork...) Thanks for the link!
I really can't get over how adorable the SGA actors are in their interviews. Every time I think they can't get any cuter, somehow, they manage.