Winter Sunlight

SGA ficlet: "Safe"

I wrote this as comment-fic for a friend who's having a very bad day (week, month, year), but the original is elsewhere in a locked-down post, so she kindly gave permission to repost it here. The prompt was "sleeping".

Title: Safe (originally an untitled ficlet)
Word Count: 1100 or so
Rating: G, team, gen

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Teensie Tiny Thing...
What everyone else said about the teamie goodness. I like seeing the gang in a slice-of-life setting.

But there's one small thing that undermined my willing suspense of disbelief. Someone experienced in sub-zero manoeuvers (which John would be after putting in his time in Antarctica) would avoid sweating like the plague, because a wet undershirt is a fast path to hypothermia. Changing "in his sweat-soaked shirt" to "without his parka" or some such would avoid that whole issue.

Ello, who actually learned something from all those Alister McLean novels.
Re: Teensie Tiny Thing...
Thank you! :)

About the nitpick ... I'll definitely grant you that the theory is sound, but I live in Fairbanks, AK (where -40 temperatures are standard in winter) and I can pretty much guarantee that despite your best efforts, when you've been working outside -- or slogging through knee-deep snow -- you're gonna get drenched in sweat anyway. *shudders at memories of squishy underthings* It is kinda dangerous but it's also nearly impossible to avoid, and probably not going to create problems unless you run out of energy and need to stop without a tent or other place to warm up.
Awwwwww! That was a sweet at a triple fudge, chocolate caramel sundae. Loved this story so very much, a nice piece of teem luv!
Just saw the link to this tonight. Such a nice warm fuzzy fic to read on a chilly evening. I really liked it.
This was very sweet and the type of team love I adore. Looking after one another.

This line was just awesome:

Rodney slept with the abandon of a child worn out from a long day's play: sprawled on his stomach, head twisted to the side, drooling gently on his wrist.

Adorable image.