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Day 24: Secret Injury (2)

The other request I got for this prompt was from Punknatch on Discord, who wanted Danny hiding an injury from the rest of the Defenders.


Jessica was not going to be the one to ask Danny if he was okay. She was not going to be the -- she was not ...

Oh fine.

"Hey," she said, leaning forward and giving his arm a shove. "You spacing out on us, Fist Boy?"

Okay, that wasn't quite asking him if he was okay. At least it was in the right ballpark. Sitting across from them, half asleep with his chin propped on his fist, Luke cracked open an eye.

"No," Danny said, pulling away from her. "I mean, yes. Sorry. What?"

Jessica leaned back and gave him a thoughtful look. All around them was echoing emptiness. They were in the living room section of a closed furniture outlet store somewhere in the Bronx, just waiting for Matt to get back from using what Jessica refused to stop thinking of as his bat-ears to make sure there weren't any stray ninjas around that they'd missed. Luke had found an unused furniture truck for their getaway, and now Danny was ...

... hunched over, and shivering, and looking generally unwell. The light was bad in here, but he looked ashen to her.

"Seriously, man," Luke said, sitting up straighter. "You all right? One of those guys get in a good hit on you?"

Danny started to shake his head, then stopped and looked even more unwell. "I ... I'm okay. I mean, it's not that big of a deal --"

This was all that it really took, combined with his increasing pallor, for Jessica to move in on one side while Luke lurched to his feet and came around from the other side, effectively boxing him in.

"It was that header you took off the balcony, wasn't it? Let's see it, Fist," Luke said, his voice gentle.

Danny sighed and started to peel up the edge of his shirt, then blanched visibly when he started to lift his arm. Luke helped him pull back his shirt, and Jessica couldn't avoid making a small noise. His entire side was one enormous bruise, some of the ribs visibly deformed.

"Danny," Luke said.

"It didn't feel this bad at first?" Danny protested, trying to see over his own elbow. "I'm redirecting chi to heal ... actually you know, can I maybe ... lie down?"

He didn't really have a choice; Luke put a hand on each of his shoulders and pushed him firmly down onto the couch. Jessica slid out of the way. This wasn't her thing; she didn't do first aid. She especially didn't do it on someone who looked like that. She wished she'd noticed earlier that he was breathing funny, because now she couldn't not notice; he was panting in short, shallow gasps.

"It's okay," Danny said breathlessly. "I just need to ... relax, and ... heal --"

Which was the point when Matt got back, and stood stock-still with his head tilted to one side for about a second and a half before telling them that Danny had a collapsed lung and needed a hospital.

Danny was still breathlessly insisting he didn't as they bundled him into the furniture truck.


"So apparently your oxygen saturation was some kind of really bad number when they brought you in," Jessica said.

"Mmm, okay, fine, so the chi-healing wasn't going as well as I thought," Danny mumbled. He was no longer wearing the oxygen mask he'd had on when she first saw him, but he was still a fairly unhealthy color, which made her wonder if they'd taken it off too soon. Useless doctors.

"You have to tell us." And she wasn't sure why it annoyed her so much, or why she was even sticking around to insist on it.

"Sorry," he whispered.

"Oh, stop looking at me like that with your stupid face," she muttered, and hooked her ankle around a chair and dragged it over to sit in.

"You can go home."

"I am absolutely going home," she growled, checking her watch, "... in two hours, when Luke closes up at Harlem's Paradise and gets down here to take over."

"Jessica ..."

She started to plant a hand on his chest, then remembering the umpty-zillion broken ribs, shifted it to his shoulder instead. Which felt less like holding him down to stop him from being stupid, and more comforting. Oops. She tried to regain a little self-respect by being stern. "Rand, if you even try to get out of that bed I will personally put you back in it."

"Wasn't going to," he murmured, and blinked sleepily at her. "You need to sleep, Jessica. You're tired."

"I can sleep here," she said, and to prove it, leaned back in the chair. "I've slept in worse places."

Danny looked like he planned to call her on it, but he drifted off before he could.

She left her hand where it was -- too much trouble to remove it -- and settled in to wait for her relief shift to arrive.

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