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Day 17: "Stay with me" (1)

Requested by [profile] lunabee for Steve & Dustin.

It was dark out here. Really dark. And Steve was totally out of it, and Nancy had said she'd be back with help, but ... it was really dark, that was all. And it would be a lot less scary if there was someone to talk to.

"Steve," Dustin said, shaking him. "Steve!"

"Ugh, what?" Steve groaned, blinking as Dustin shone his flashlight in Steve's face. Steve's pupils were completely blown out, and there were red marks from the suckers of that thing, whatever it was that had been biting him before Nancy shot it.

"Steve," Dustin panted out, relief crashing over him. "C'mon, Steve, stay with me, man. Talk to me."

"My head hurts," Steve mumbled. "Ow." He tried to sit up and slithered back to the ground in a heap. "Dizzy. What."

"You got bitten or ... suckered, or something. There was a thing. It had tentacles."

"Is it gone?" Steve asked weakly.

"Uh ..." Dustin looked over at the heap of thing that Nancy had shot, and flashed his light in that direction just to make sure it wasn't moving. "It's, uh ... gone. Yeah."

"Mmm. Good." Steve's eyes fluttered shut.

"Hey!" Dustin smacked his cheek. "Steve. Please. Don't leave me out here all alone." His voice cracked; he didn't want it to, but it was just ... so dark. Nancy had left the rifle with them, but Dustin really wasn't sure he could shoot if he had to.

"Hey." Steve's eyes opened again; he squinted up at Dustin, looking like even that hurt, but he was making an effort anyway. He reached out and made a clumsy attempt to pat Dustin's leg. "'m here. I'm not going anywhere."

"Good," Dustin managed, and he sat back against a tree and gripped Steve's. "Good. Just ...keep doing that. Nancy will be back soon with help."

"Yeah she will," Steve mumbled, sounding very confident for someone who couldn't even sit up. "She's cool that way."

"Yeah. She is." Dustin cleared his throat and cast around for something else to keep Steve talking. "So, uh ... are you dating that girl, Robin?"

"What?" Steve said, his eyes flying wide open. He started to lurch upright and sank back down. "... ow. No, I'm not dating Robin, what the heck, Dustin. We're just friends."

"What, she thinks she's too good for you or something?"

"What? No. It's just ..." He patted Dustin's leg again. "Complicated. You'll understand when you're older."

"I'm not that young, Steve."

"Mmm." Steve's eyes started to close again. "What were we talking about?"

"Robin," Dustin said, a cold chill snaking down his spine. "Just stay awake for a little longer. Nancy'll be back soon."

"Yeah, okay, I can do that," Steve mumbled. And somehow, as the conversation bounded around from Dungeons & Dragons to football to Susie to Star Wars, he did do it, until flashlights stabbed through the woods and Nancy came out of the trees with half the Hawkins parent contingent behind her.

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Complete list of prompts.

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