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Day 16: Pinned Down

[personal profile] chomiji requested this one for Ben and Dekker (Alliance-Union). Yay! I love those two idiots.


It seemed that it was Ben's fate in life to be stuck in small enclosed spaces with one (1) Paul Dekker, crazy asshole.

"Dekker, shut up or I will sit on you."

Dekker subsided, oddly enough, delirious as he was, but Ben grabbed his arms anyway, holding them down 'til he was absolutely certain Dek wasn't going to thrash around, break things, or take a swing at him, all actions of which Dekker was absolutely, 100% capable, as Ben knew from personal experience.

"You gonna stay there?"

"Yes," Dekker said earnestly, staring up at him.

"You know who I am, right?"

"Yes, Ben."

"And you know what'll happen if you don't stay right there and be effing quiet."

"Sit on me," Dek said, which was a damn sight better answer than "airlock," which he'd gotten a time or two, despite not having said a damn thing about it or been anything other than patient with the skuzz, no matter what Meg said.

"Yeah, right, just ... stay." That made Dekker grin, for some reason -- some Earther reason, probably. Ben awkwardly patted him on the chest, snugged the restraint harness around Dekker's chest to make sure it was secure, then kicked off and floated into the next chamber to find out how the effin' hell Meg and Sal were coming along with getting them the fuck out of here.

Whumptober Master List
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Oct. 2 - Explosion (Iron Fist) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 3 - Delirium #1 (Agent Carter) - On DW | On Tumblr
----- Delirium #2 (Punisher) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 4 - Human Shield (Alliance-Union) - Coming Around on AO3
Oct. 5 - Gunpoint (Iron Fist) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 6 - Dragged Away (Iron Fist) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 7 - Isolation (Alliance-Union) - Reference Points on AO3
Oct. 8 - Stab Wound (Iron Fist) - Deeper Cuts on AO3
Oct. 9 - Shackled (Iron Fist) - Shackles and Bows on AO3
Oct. 10 - Unconscious (Doctor Strange) - Pride Before a Fall on AO3
Oct. 11 - Stitches (Agent Carter) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 12 - "Don't Move" (Punisher) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 13 - Adrenaline (Stranger Things) - On DW | On Tumblr
Oct. 14 - Tear-Stained (MCU) - On DW
Oct. 15 - Scars (Agent Carter/MCU) - Flesh and Blood on AO3
Oct. 16 - Pinned Down (Alliance-Union) - On DW

Complete list of prompts.

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