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Day 14: Tear-Stained

The request as well as the ficlet itself contains major Endgame spoilers, and I know we're probably past the warning point on that by now, but just in case ... I'll put all of that under the cut. Involves Gamora and Natasha.

This space was requested by [personal profile] willibald for Gamora & Natasha in the Soul Gem.


Of the various lessons Gamora had learned in childhood, one of those lessons was not to weep. It had been, literally, beaten out of her.

When she touched her face and found tears -- tears of grief and loneliness, for Peter, for her friends -- it shocked her. She had, on some level, though that she no longer had the ability to weep left inside her.


It wasn't the only thing she was still capable of.

The place she lived in now was a place she made into whatever she wanted. She could have made it her worst nightmare, if she let herself; she could have tormented herself with memories of her own misdeeds, of the things that were lost to her.

But she was not going to be that person.

She decorated this strange place in bright colors from her dimly remembered homeworld. She made elaborate meals, even if she was the only one to eat them, and laid them out on trestle tables of jewel-colored wood built out of her memories.

And when another woman walked into Gamora's world -- looking around in shock, fingers toying with the end of her white and red braid -- Gamora went to meet her. Two could share a world like this. Perhaps, in time, they could learn to walk out of it.

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Oct. 14 - Tear-Stained (MCU - Endgame spoilers) - On DW

Complete list of prompts.

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