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Day 11: Stitches

Catching up on Whumptober ... [personal profile] booksarelife asked for this prompt with Jack + the AC gang.


"Hold still," Daniel said.

"You hold still," Jack snapped, which didn't make any sense at all but made him feel slightly better.

Peggy dropped suddenly out of a tunnel above their heads, gracefully crouching and standing up. "Well," she said firmly, brushing off her hands, "no way out there, either. How is he?"

"Fine," Jack said flatly.

"Still bleeding," Daniel said. "I'm doing my best here. Do you, er, have any ... experience, with stitching of this sort. I'm asking because I'm terrible at it."

"Just apply pressure," Peggy said, and went off to investigate another hallway to see if that one had also been blocked by Leviathan shenaniganry.

"That'd be a no, then," Jack said. "Which brings our contingent of competent nurses to approximately zero. Are you done stabbing me with that thing?"

"You know what?" Daniel said, and shoved a wadded-up towel against his side. "I've decided I'm perfectly fine with you bleeding to death. Hold this."

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Complete list of prompts.

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