Sholio (sholio) wrote,

The madness continues (Halloween style)

Soooo remember those Defenders action figures? I have not only acquired enough furniture for them now to outfit a decent little living room, but I decorated for Halloween.

I couldn't find any actual dollhouse-sized Halloween accessories at craft stores in town, but it's more fun to make them anyway! I got some little baskets, a Halloween garland with "berries" on it that, clipped off their string, look like doll-sized apples, and a bag of the tiniest plastic pumpkins I could find, which are remarkably well-sized for 1:12 scale dolls.

(Click for bigger.)

action figure halloween 1

action figure halloween 2

- Misty is using Colleen's katana to carve a pumpkin.
- Jessica has noped out on the entire pumpkin business; she is, however, learning to knit.

Under the cut: a couple more pictures I took with the room lights off and the string of little Halloween lights on. There are also a couple of LED dollhouse lamps I've picked up. I need to do something better with the light string; right now it's just kind of draped around.

action figure halloween night 1

action figure halloween night 2

Bonus: supplies for making tiny Halloween things.

action figure supplies

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