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Day 6: Dragged Away

Today's prompt is "dragged away", and Wren on Discord requested Danny & Ward.

The entire category of "worst moments of Ward's life" is the kind of thing where ... it's not just that he has trouble figuring out the top one; there's extremely stiff competition for the top twenty.

But this is definitely going to be one of them -- Danny being dragged out of the room where they're being held, by people who clearly have every intention of torturing the Iron Fist out of him.

Which he doesn't have.

Except they don't believe it.

The amount of effort that it took to subdue Danny even without the Fist has left him bruised and bleeding, his hands tied behind him, and he's still fighting, flinging his body against his captors. Ward is well aware of his own limitations; he's not good at hand to hand, despite Danny's training efforts, and he went down at the first punch. With his ears ringing, vision blurred, he tries to plow through them to get to Danny by sheer bodily force, but that doesn't work either; they put him on the floor again almost effortlessly, and one of them plants his foot in Ward's spine to keep him there.

"You idiots!" he yells, because he literally can't think of anything that can get them to stop for maybe, just maybe long enough for the cavalry (namely Colleen) to get here. "You've got the wrong guy! I'm the Iron Fist!"

"You what?" says Head Goon #1.

"Ward!" Danny yelps.

"He ... gave it to me for ... safekeeping," Ward says, extemporizing wildly. "Why do you think he hasn't punched all of you into next week, I mean are you really as stupid as you look --" That gets him kicked again. "Ow ... okay ... bad choice of words ..."

"He's lying!" Danny protests wildly. "I'm the Iron Fist -- I mean -- look! Tattoo! Hello!"

"He gave it to me!"

"Ward! Shut up! No I didn't!"

"Torture them both?" says Head Goon #2 to #1, who shrugs.

"Wait, no!" Ward says, an immediate flaw in this plan becoming apparent as he's hauled to his feet.

It's probably just as well that Colleen shows up at that point with actual cavalry, namely Walker.


"You're a complete idiot," Danny says a little later.

He's reclining with an ice pack on his eye, leaning back on the couch in the shipping/receiving office outside the warehouse complex where they both came pretty close to getting thrown onto a container on a ship headed for parts unknown.

Colleen and Walker are outside, mopping up with maybe a little more glee than necessary. Ward has been tasked with keeping an eye on Danny, probably to keep Danny from trying to get up and throw down with the fight going on outside. Danny, who has multiple broken ribs and frankly should be in the hospital, in Ward's opinion, but at the very least keeping him lying on the couch is better than having him running around out there getting into who knows what.

Ward is very aware of his own bruises, which makes him testy. "Oh, I'm an idiot. I'm not the one who tried to fight ten guys twice my size --"

"Yeah," Danny says around the ice pack. "You actually kind of did."

"Shut up."

"I'm the Iron Fist -- Ward, really?"

"It was the only thing I could think of!"

"Hello, dragon tattoo?"

"Hello, Davos has one on his back, Colleen on her arm -- it's not like I couldn't have it on, I dunno, my foot or something."

"That's ridiculous."

"Are you going to tell me stranger things haven't happened to us?"

"Oh, uh ... true," Danny says after a minute. "But you know, they were going to figure it out pretty quick."

"They were going to figure it out pretty quick with you too, but the question was how much would be left of you afterwards."

"Oh," Danny says.

There's a brief silence.

"Look, it was stalling," Ward says. "For, you know. The others to get here." And it galls him to admit it, how confident he actually is that they will be there, no matter what. "I don't actually want to be tortured in your place. For whatever that's worth."

"I think both of us have a lot of unresolved issues," Danny says, and Ward laughs at that; he can't help it.

Danny grins, makes an effort to sit up, and sinks back with a tiny moan.

"You need something?"

"Mmm ... more ice?"

Ward fetches it for him from the minifridge in the corner of the office, dumps out the ice pack in the bathroom and refills it. He sits carefully on the edge of the couch (sitting hurts; a lot of things hurt) and gives the ice pack to Danny.

"I just didn't want them to hurt you," Ward says, quiet, for Danny's ears only -- it's that thing where Danny can get sincerity out of him, without even doing anything. Joy is the only other person who can do that. Maybe it's something family can get away with, when family isn't Harold.

"I know. I didn't want them to hurt you either." Danny smiles a little. "So please stop volunteering for it."

"Only if you stop getting kicked in the face."

Danny tries to make a face but only pulls on his bruises, based on his pained grimace. "I didn't do it on purpose."

"And yet. Avoidable."

"What am I supposed to do, put an ad in the Times that says 'I am not the Iron Fist right now'?"

"If it helps!"

"No, I can't do that, because at least this way I can keep everyone's attention off Colleen," Danny says, and Ward resigns himself to many more kidnappings in his future.

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