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Day 5: Gunpoint

Continuing on with the daily h/c prompts ... [personal profile] yhlee requested "Gunpoint" with Danny & Ward.

The gun ground into the back of Ward's skull. He clenched his teeth and took one step at a time, inching forward into the vast space of the empty warehouse.

"Iron Fist!" his captor snapped. "Show yourself!"

"Yeah," Ward managed in something approximating a normal tone, "like he's really that stupid --"

"I'm here!" Danny said from somewhere ahead of them in the shadows, and Ward briefly closed his eyes because you absolute idiot. "I'm here, just don't hurt him, we can talk about this, okay?"

"Danny, they don't want to talk, they want --" The gun's sharp-edged barrel felt like it was digging through flesh to grind against bone, and he closed his eyes. "Shutting up now. Look, he doesn't even have the Iron Fist, he -- ow -- yeah, okay, shutting up."

"It's okay, Ward," Danny said, edging out even further into the pools of light cast through the warehouse's high windows. As far as Ward could tell, he wasn't even wearing Orson Randall's guns. "It's all right, these guys just want the Iron Fist. Not you. And there's just one guy here -- all by himself, out in all this empty space --"

"Danny, you complete moron," Ward said, despairing, "they have friends, you know."

"So do we," Danny said, with a devil-may-care grin.

There was a sharp pop and crack from high up on the catwalks under the shadowy ceiling. Danny spun around and reached under his coat and oh, okay, he'd had one of the guns in an inside pocket. Ward did his part by ducking underneath the gun pointed at his head, did he mention that and light flashed and then there was another sharp pop and his captor rolled away, clutching at his chest.

"Hey, Meachum!" Misty called down from the catwalk overhead. "Owed you a save."

"This is not a save!" Ward yelled back at her. "This is nearly getting me killed! What is wrong with you people?!"

“I got the guys out here,” Colleen called through the door. “I think we’re clear.”

"Are you okay, Ward?" Danny asked, the chi-revolver dangling from one hand, as he reached down to give Ward a hand up. His fingers clasped around Ward's, strong and warm, and he was grinning and it was so damn hard, as always, not to grin back.

"I regret the day I met you," Ward muttered, but he grasped Danny's hand and let himself be pulled to his feet.

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