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Reccing Thursday

And I actually remembered it this time!

The Darkest Night darkfic exchange just released. I haven't read much yet, but I really liked what I've read!

Both the Imperial Radch stories are good; both are Breq/Seivarden. For your romantic needs, understanding is a lightly angsty fic with a happy ending; and Rewind is a time loop story that really blew me away - it's heartbreaking and bittersweet and twisty and very well done, including a uniquely Breq-ian POV on time loops. It's labeled Unhappy Ending but I think it's really less what I'd call an unhappy ending and more that it ends with Breq still stuck in the loop.

I also really liked Hungry, a very creepy Doctor Strange fic in which accidental baby acquisition gets a Lovecraftian makeover.

I've also recently enjoyed:

let the winter pass on by by [ profile] glorious_spoon (Agent Carter, Peggy & Jack)
Written for a prompt of mine, in which I requested huddling for warmth, and got an absolutely delicious and satisfying take on it.

New York, by Knight by [ profile] Prochytes (Defenders/MCU, Misty & Colleen + Doctor Strange)
Misty and Colleen have a night out on the town that takes a decidedly weird turn. Funny and warm and slightly bananas, very much in keeping with the tone of both canons.

Call "Uncle" by [ profile] JaggedCliffs (Avatar the Last Airbender, post-canon gen)
As the summary puts it, "how the Fire Nation officials gave up on calling Iroh anything other than "Uncle"." This is THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST.

Rain on the Just by [ profile] NLRummi (Megamind, canon pairings, 114K)
So, after rewatching Megamind this past week, I went looking for fic for it, and stumbled across this 100K+ post-canon continuation that I really enjoyed. It deals with a number of issues that were unresolved in the movie (e.g. a certain character choosing not to help out at the climax) in a way I found satisfying, and builds very pleasingly on the character relationships from the movie.

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