Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Fandom links

[community profile] fandomgiftbox is delaying reveals for another week because they still have a bunch of needy giftboxes. Details here and needy giftbox list here.

Hurt/Comfort Exchange will run again in 2020! \o/ VERY EXCITE. They just announced their schedule here.

There's a master list of all the Daredevil/Defenders exchange gifts that just went up, and also a list of everyone's unfilled prompts for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, [community profile] trickortreatex is doing a community challenge this year as usual, and their list of challenge prompts is marvelously inspiring for Halloween/autumn fic ideas. (It's really not so much a prompt list as a list of things that, if tagged for in works in the fest, will get everyone a little closer to "winning" the challenge. And some things are fairly, er, specific. But overall it's actually quite a nice list of prompts!)

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