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Whumptober prompt claiming

Okay, I'm gonna do this. :D

1. Pick a prompt from the list below. (A more accessible text-based list is under the cut, also crossing out the ones which have already been picked, though double-claiming/some not getting claimed is probably inevitable and that's fine too.)

2. Give me a fandom and two characters, plus any additional details if you want. Any fandom I've written is fine to request (though admittedly the ones I've been actively writing lately, i.e. Defenders-verse, Agent Carter, the cosmic/magic side of the MCU, Stranger Things, and Alliance-Union, are probably the most likely to actually get written).

3. Original fiction prompts are also fine, so if you want, say "sparkly teenage unicorn shifter and her dad", sure, go for it.

4. Pairings are not guaranteed (except in original fiction; if you request a romantic couple I'll try to write them that way), but I think I can write gen combos of just about anyone.

5. I will write at least 100 words of whatever you asked for and post it on the appropriate day in October!*

*Results not guaranteed; I have a tendency to wander off from these projects halfway through. But I will TRY.

List of text prompts

Oct. 1. Shaky Hands - claimed by [personal profile] aroberuka

Oct. 2. Explosion - me

Oct. 3. Delirium - claimed by [personal profile] recessional and [personal profile] rachelmanija

Oct. 4. Human Shield - claimed by [personal profile] indywind

Oct. 5. Gunpoint - claimed by [personal profile] yhlee

Oct. 6. Dragged Away - claimed by Wren

Oct. 7. Isolation claimed by [personal profile] krait

Oct. 8. Stab Wound claimed by anon

Oct. 9. Shackled - claimed by [personal profile] iknowcommawrite

Oct. 10. Unconscious

Oct. 11. Stitches - claimed by [personal profile] booksarelife

Oct. 12. “Don’t Move” - claimed by [personal profile] maplemood

Oct. 13. Adrenaline - claimed by [personal profile] redrikki

Oct. 14. Tear-stained - claimed by [personal profile] willibald

Oct. 15. Scars - claimed by [personal profile] schneefink

Oct. 16. Pinned Down - claimed by [personal profile] chomiji

Oct. 17. “Stay with me” - claimed by [personal profile] lunabee34 & Candace

Oct. 18. Muffled Scream

Oct. 19. Asphyxiation - claimed by [personal profile] alessandriana

Oct. 20. Trembling - claimed by [personal profile] sheron

Oct. 21. Laced Drink

Oct. 22. Hallucination

Oct. 23. Bleeding Out - claimed by anon

Oct. 24. Secret Injury - claimed by punknatch, [personal profile] rachelmanija, & [personal profile] snickfic

Oct. 25. Humiliation

Oct. 26. Abandoned - claimed by [personal profile] yalumesse

Oct. 27. Ransom - claimed by [personal profile] st_aurafina

Oct. 28. Beaten

Oct. 29. Numb - claimed by [personal profile] sovay

Oct. 30. Recovery - claimed by [personal profile] kore

Oct. 31. Embrace - claimed by [personal profile] iknowcommawrite

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