Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Any excuse to use my seasonal Halloween icons

Trick or Treat Exchange signups close tomorrow just before midnight UTC, in case you were considering a last-minute signup. Femslash Ex is also taking signups 'til the 25th.

I kinda burned out on exchanges a little bit this summer, but I'm enjoying my laid-back exchange schedule right now. I have one for Unconventional Fanworks, I'm doing ToT, and I have a no-pressure signup with Spook_Me. (Ooh, prompts for that are due out tomorrow!) The only other thing I'm doing this year -- unless I end up joining and/or running one of the single-fandom secret santas -- is Yuletide, for which I plan to request mainly small book fandoms (Matt Scudder will definitely be one of them; probably Alliance-Union as well).

I've been doing so many small exchanges over the summer that it's kind of exciting being in a big one and seeing so many requests for my fandoms. There are EIGHT(!!) for Defenders this time! I miiiiight be coming around on lumping the different shows together. It makes requesting it more complicated, since it's usually multiple sets of characters that I want, but it give it a stronger presence in exchanges than splitting it into separate shows; I also think it makes it more appealing for people who are into it in a more casual way to request it, especially in a character-based event like ToT, since they can just throw their faves in there ....

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