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Dear Trick or Treat writer

(Signups for [community profile] trickortreatex are open until Sept. 18!)

Thank you for writing for me! The prompts are suggestions only. I'm sure I'll like whatever you write for me.

General likes: hurt/comfort (tropey is welcome; favorite kinds include head injuries, drugged/woozy/out of it, drowning, being stabbed or shot, hypothermia), friendship, enemies to friends, case fic, domesticity, found families, AUs, tropey tropes (e.g. bodyswap, soulmates, sex pollen, truth serum).

Seasonal (autumn/Halloween) likes: atmospheric fic (blowing leaves, spooky bare-branched forests, etc), big old houses, hay rides/corn mazes, trick-or-treating, candy and sweets, hot cocoa, ghosts, spooky twists (IT WAS INSIDE THE HOUSE ALL ALONG!!), costumes and costume parties, were-creatures (from werewolves to unusual ones like were-rabbits), being cozy inside while it's dark and cold outside, regional customs related to harvest festivals and ghosts.

DNW: Permanent (non-canon) character death or terminal illness leading to implied death, incest, extremely graphic gore, non-canonical zombies, unrequested non-canon pairings (canon pairings always welcome).

I requested both tricks and treats for all canons; I'm fine with anything from spooky/scary to sweet, but would still prefer not to have a total downer ending even in a trick; please leave it with some hope or optimism at the end.

Any prompt you like from one canon can be adapted for another canon as well. Also, feel free to look through my past letters for inspiration. I asked for most of these fandoms for AU Exchange and Hurt/Comfort Exchange and would enjoy getting anything prompted for those!

Stranger Things

Robin Buckley | Steve Harrington

I'd prefer not to have them paired with each other. I like canon pairings and Steve/Nancy/Jonathan, as well as Robin/OFC pairings. Gen or friendship fic is very welcome as well. I like Steve with the kids, and I would love to see Robin interacting with people she hasn't had much contact with in canon, like Nancy or Jonathan.

- What if the Russians in S3 were dinosaurs? Regular dinosaurs rampaging through Hawkins, or sentient dinosaurs with a lab under the mall! Everything is better with dinosaurs.
- Haunted house/haunted hotel/etc.
- Ghosts.
- Groundhog Day time loops - someone gets killed, someone else keeps going back to fix it.
- Steve and/or Robin was experimented on in the lab instead of (or in addition to) Eleven. Give them whatever powers you like! Also whatever trauma.
- Vampire hunters.
- Anything with canon-typical horror - feel free to rip off the plot of your favorite horror book or movie.

- Robin romancing/being romanced by an OFC. Feel free to make her love interest a werewolf, witch, gargoyle, or otherwise some sort of seasonal creature.
- Robin comes from a family of lesbian witches. Now she's starting to learn how to use her own powers.
- Steve's family has some kind of magic secret, e.g. they're werewolves or dragons or something like that.
- I love future fic for this show, where they're all grown up.
- Fun sci-fi or fantasy AUs, e.g. dragonriders, space opera, high fantasy.
- Groundhog Day time loops - completely ridiculous shenanigans in which the only character who knows they're looping is Steve and/or Robin.
- Hurt/comfort of any sort.

The Defenders

Ward Meachum | Danny Rand | Colleen Wing
I love Ward & Danny friendship and Danny/Colleen; I also love the idea of Ward and Colleen developing a reluctant friendship. Of course, you can also focus on just one of them, or pair them up with other characters. If you do that, I would especially love something involving Misty, Joy, or any of the other main Defenders characters!

- Haunted by literal ghost(s) from their past. For extra fun: the haunted character isn't sure if the ghost is real or if they're hallucinating, and the ghost might encourage them to do something dangerous or harmful, or try to trick them into joining them in the afterlife. Harold is obviously an excellent candidate for this ("The only way to save Danny is to put your hand through this plate glass window/jump off this building!") but this would also work great with Bakuto and Colleen, or even (for extra angst potential!) Danny and some malevolent entity pretending to be his parents.
- A haunted house or haunted hotel or creepy carnival.
- Really hardcore h/c, e.g. rescued after torture, rape (no graphic descriptions, please; emphasis on recovery), dealing with a permanent disability. I'm more into comfort than hurt, but I also like h/c for dark kinds of hurt.
- Anything autumn-themed, spooky, scary.
- Terminal illness that isn't actually fatal: someone thinks they're dying, but they get healed or it turns out to have been a misdiagnosis, part of an enemy plot, etc. (I'd prefer not to have a cracky scenario like "they just misunderstood a technical term the internist said".)

- Anything from Ward and Danny's road trip, or Danny/Colleen fluff.
- Ward and Colleen bonding (perhaps they're kidnapped together? or work together to buy a birthday present for Danny?)
- A Rand Corp. Halloween party.
- I love the "trapped on a ski lift" prompt from recent freeform exchanges. Maybe they're trapped in a ski lift, or an elevator, or handcuffed together.
- Kidfic about any of their childhoods.
- Danny vs. 21st-century technology.
- Telling ghost stories.
- Hurt/comfort of any kind.

Frank Castle | David Lieberman | Sarah Lieberman

Gen is great, or I ship them in any/all character configurations. Of course, you can just focus on one of them. Other characters welcome, aside from DNWs.

- Frank haunted by the ghosts of people he's killed. It's okay if this is weird, spooky, and sad; maybe it's just a normal part of his life that he accepts without thinking about it.
- Frank ends up in a weird, creepy little town a la Twin Peaks or The Prisoner. Or maybe he ends up in a spooky carnival, or snowbound with a bunch of people in a house in the mountains. I feel like you could do a LOT of horror/suspense/murder mystery tropes with Frank that involve a stranger coming to town.
- Sarah or David is hiding a creepy secret about themselves.
- Time loop.

- Frank helping the Lieberman kids with their costumes. What if one of them wants to dress up as the Punisher?
- I love any/all scenarios with Frank reluctantly being adopted in the Liebermans' domestic lives. Birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, or just Frank being able to casually drop in if he wants to.
- AU in which Frank DID come to Thanksgiving after all.
- Hurt/comfort of any kind.

DNW for this canon: Billy or any of the S2 antagonists; reference to the events of the flash-forward at the end of S2.

Schitt's Creek

David Rose | Alexis Rose | Stevie Budd

Gen only with combinations of these three, please, though canon pairings are welcome! I love all the characters, so feel free to do (for example) a story about David and his parents.

- Darker-than-canon scenarios would be welcome, from mafia or supervillains attacking the motel, to ghosts and spooky/scary scenarios. I would love to see the characters forced to contend with something genuinely scary, violent, or terrible.
- Haunted hotel room! Maybe Stevie has to perform an exorcism and ropes one or both of the Rose siblings into helping her?
- Along the lines of the above: Stevie's mother or grandmother was a witch. Stevie inherited some of her powers.
- Terminal diagnosis that turns out not to be fatal because they get better or the diagnosis was wrong.

- I can never get enough h/c, and since this is a comedy canon, getting some of the hurt/comfort that canon will never supply would be lovely.
- A typical chaotic evening at the hotel.
- I'd love a glimpse of Halloween in Schitt's Creek, complete with cheap Walmart costumes and kids ringing doorbells at the motel to trick-or-treat.
- Flashback to what Halloween was like in any of the requested characters' childhoods, maybe with a now vs. then theme, comparing their childhood Halloweens to Halloween now.
- A costume party or masquerade ball! I really like the episodes that contrast the emptiness of the Roses' old lives with the warmth and charm of their lives now, so one scenario that might be really fun would be David or Alexis invited to a party with their rich former friends, only to realize that they'd rather hang out at the motel. (Bonus if Stevie is blatantly snobbed and they stick up for her!)

Mrs. Pollifax

Emily Pollifax

I love her with any other characters or by herself. My favorite relationship of hers in the books is her friendship with Farrell (who I also love), but I also like all her friendships. I'm fine with canon romances being incorporated into a story, but not especially into any of them.

- Mrs. Pollifax in the underworld, rescuing someone (Farrell?).
- Post-apocalypse AU (the usual DNW about character death doesn't apply here; kill whoever you like as long as Emily lives).
- Ghosts or mediums. Mrs. Pollifax vs. ghosts.
- A haunted house/haunted hotel.

- Fusions with other canons - preferably something I'm vaguely familiar with, but I'm also okay with something obscure if you give some context.
- Any canon-typical adventure or missing scene.
- Halloween with Emily: when her kids were children, or in the modern day.
- Looking for clues/catching bad guys at a masquerade ball.
- Any of the one-off characters from previous books coming back.

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