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I have a [personal profile] rachelmanija!

I also have amazing gifts at Alternate Universe Exchange. There are 100+ fandoms in the collection and my gifts are an absolute delight.

First Pilot (Punisher, 9200 wds, Frank + the Liebermans)
Beautifully realized space opera/hyperspace pilot AU with A+ worldbuilding, friendship, and h/c. This could actually be read with no knowledge of canon; while a little osmotic knowledge of Punisher is helpful, I think everything you need to know is in the story itself.

Even Now (Iron Fist, 4700 wds, Ward + Danny/Colleen)
Gloriously hurt/comforty and wonderfully characterized fic in which Ward goes to the afterlife to get Danny and Colleen back, at great risk to himself. This is everything I could have wanted from that premise, and more. <3

I haven't had a chance to read much yet, but I really enjoyed this Ben January AU in which Shaw is a werewolf and this Ava Starr Endgame AU.

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