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[personal profile] spook_me is open for signups! I live in eternal optimism that I will actually finish a story for it. Now I just need to pick my monster ...

There's also this fun-looking femslash promptfest.

We finished watching season three of The Good Place tonight! That show is so fun.

I can't believe how much I ended up loving all of them. This is one of those shows like Schitt's Creek, where my reaction to the first few episodes was mostly "this is funny, but also these people are annoying and I can't stand them" and then by season three I'm riveted and only want all the good things for them and want to go back and rewatch the early episodes to see how much they've changed. The Michael-Eleanor friendship is especially neat.

None of the romances on the show really do much for me (the only one I was kinda halfway into was Chidi and Simone, but they were clearly doomed because of Chidi and Eleanor being Obvious Endgame Ship), but the friendships/teamwork/redemption arcs are all adorable, and I love the show's blending of those elements with serious metacommentary on morality, ethics, and TV genre conventions. It's one of those shows where the satire could easily slip over into mockery of everything (see also: a lot of adult animated shows) but actually plays straight the elements I want played straight (the friendships, redemption arcs, and basic decency of the characters are all real; the moral quandaries are sincere, the emotions heartfelt) while everything else is bonkers and ridiculous. I stopped watching for awhile at the end of season 1 because I couldn't tell if this was going to end up being one of those funny but cynical shows where part of the humor relies on no one ever really getting to win or change for real, but it's not one of those, even though the system itself is unwinnable and unfair.

I love that this show can make you laugh at the OTT absurdity of Tarantula Springs, Nevada and its casino grade school while also pondering the inherent unfairness and cruelty of a system that ties your eternal reward to points-based moral absolutism, and whether even immortal embodiments of abstract value concepts have the capacity to grow, change, and love.

ETA: You know, the other thing that this show manages to pull off with surprising success is memory resets. Normally, permanent memory loss that also resets the character relationships is an absolute nope for me, or at least a source of endless frustration. I think this show makes it work because the entire point of the resets is that even if they don't remember, they'll keep finding their way back to each other, over and over. And that manages to hit a particular narrative button of mine, which is the Saiyuki-esque "reincarnated characters keep finding each other again", even though what's happening to this set of characters is a bit different. But that's the basic appeal of amnesia as a trope, even though I tend to prefer the non-permanent version -- "no matter what, I'll love you again." And the way this show gives us multiple versions of the same people and the same relationships, under different circumstances, manages to get all the emotional value of amnesia, reincarnation, and alternate dimensions, all rolled into one.

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