Winter Sunlight

Marvel announced Phase 4 at SDCC

Here's the list!

My unpopular(?) Marvel opinion is that I'm kinda hitting superhero burnout. I'm not that enthused about anything upcoming, and I think it's mainly because I just kind of want it to stop for awhile. They built up for ten years to their ~big finale~ and then put out the next movie in the franchise two months later! Let it breathe, guys.

That being said, the handful of things I'm looking forward to ...

Shang-Chi (Feb. 2021) - I think this might be the thing I'm looking forward to most! From what vanishingly little I know about it so far, it looks super fun, and also refreshingly disconnected from most of the rest of the franchise and unlikely to be huge and bombastic, which I gotta tell you is mostly what I want at this point. Except then there's also ...

Doctor Strange 2 (May 2021) - I didn't actually realize I was looking forward to this but apparently I am?! It may be terrible, but it will probably be entertaining and pretty. MULTIVERSE!

Thor 4: Love and Thunder (Nov 2021) - Lady Thor! Moar Valkyrie! Taika Waititi is back to direct! I am THERE.

Unfortunately that's about it, as far as personal excitement is concerned. I may check out the Falcon & Winter Soldier and Scarlet Witch shows, I'm sort of tentatively curious about the Loki one but still too annoyed that it's pre-character-development 2012 Loki to really have feelings about it, and apparently there's also something called "What If?" that will involve a number of established characters and I really hope is what it sounds like, an Elseworlds kind of thing.

No dates yet for Black Panther 2 (which I'm looking forward to, and I think it's weird they're pushing it back for a bunch of new stuff given how well the first movie did) or GotG 3 (which I wish I was more excited about, but the Gamora thing killed most of my interest). And I still miss my Netflix shows.

What are you looking forward to? My normal spoilerphobe policy is on hold for this; feel free to talk about anything that's been revealed about the upcoming, unreleased shows/movies so far, since there isn't much yet.

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It's probably not horribly surprising that I'm most excited about The Falcon and Winter Soldier, but I'm intrigued by the Eternals, which I know zero about so... comics reading ahead. I'm also excited about Blade (normally I hate vampire ANYTHING, but... Mahershala Ali, have mercy, he's an amazing actor) and Dr. Strange 2. Loved Dr. Strange (fandom unpopular opinion, not that I care) so that's one I've been anticipating for a while now.

Honestly, I'm meh on the whole Thor franchise (another unpopular fandom opinion: I didn't care much for Ragnarok; too campy and I'm forever bitter about how they handled the Warriors Three.) I like Valkyrie and I'm neutral on Jane Foster, so I just have a wait and see attitude about Love & Thunder (the title doesn't really make me jump for joy, though; sounds like yet more camp??)

What I'm *most* anticipating (after Falcon & WS) is Black Panther 2, so it was disappointing that there really wasn't much of anything about it. I need a T'Challa, Shuri and Okoye fix. :(
I was really surprised they didn't announce Black Panther 2! I mean, we know it's coming, it's gotta be, but it's weird to me that there's no date announced for it yet. It's not like they haven't had time to think about and plan for it. I would've thought we'd have gotten that one before some of the other new ones that are coming out!
I'm disappointed that Black Panther 2 seems to have been pushed back! We hardly got any of those characters in Endgame, and they're the ones I'm perhaps most excited to see!

I was almost excited about Loki, but then you said it was before his character development, and that quashed any feelings of excitement. Also, I'm not sure I want to pay for a streaming service just for Marvel stuff; I have been missing Discovery because it's on a streaming service I didn't already have, and I've been a Star Trek fan longer and more seriously than an MCU fan! I'm very fond of both Falcon and Winter Soldier, but do I really want yet another streaming service? (We already have cable, Netflix, and Amazon Prime; how much entertainment budget do we need?)

Taika Waititi and Valkyrie—definitely won't miss that!

POSSIBLE SPOILER FOR ENDGAME; STOP READING HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN: I'm also wondering: if they're doing a Black Widow movie, they'll have to set it before Endgame, won't they? And wind back some of her development, too?