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Pollen Exchange tags

[community profile] pollenexchange is a thing now for sex pollen and all associated pollens, currently taking tag nominations, (better make sure all the tags I want are in there, you know, just in case) and the freeform tags are amazing. Someone has been having way too much fun nominating things.

Some of my favorites so far:

• Grunge Pollen: Victim Feels Overwhelming Urge To Quit Bathing‚ Wear Flannel‚ And Start A Garage Band
• Lex Pollen - Person thinks they are now Lex Luthor
• MILF Pollen: Character wants to have sex with closest MILF
• Mundane AU Pollen: Victim Has Delusion Of Working In A Flowershop‚ Forces Flowers On New Victims
• Pokedex Pollen - Pollen makes character wanna catch 'em all
• Pollen Makes You Really Good at Mario Kart
• Poultry Pollen Turns Victims Into Giant Chickens
• Sax Pollen - Those Affected Become Proficient On the Saxophone For No More Than 48 Hours
• T-Rex Pollen Turns Victim Into A Large Carnivorous Dinosaur With Tiny Forearms
• Tex-Mex Pollen Makes Victim Want To Put Taco Seasoning And Shredded Cheese On Everything They Eat

I think I've been dosed with this one:
• Pollen that makes you sign up for exchanges

And of course:
• Pollen Causes Seasonal Allergies

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