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Multifandom drabble! (And more.)

I've pinch hit for this before, but this year I signed up for the Multifandom Drabble exchange as a participant, and it was great! I didn't manage to write any treats (possibly the fact that I'm signed up for 50 billion exchanges has something to do with that) but I was pretty happy with how my assignment came out:

Dance Lessons (Stranger Things, Steve & the kids, set post-S2, no S3 spoilers)
The kids want to learn to dance for the Snow Ball. Steve regrets his life choices.

And I got THREE things, all of which I loved!

Equilateral by [personal profile] kore/[ profile] actonbell (Agent Carter, Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
Incredibly sweet post-S2 aftermath/recovery fic. <3

Indomitable Spirit by [ profile] Meatball42 (Iron Fist, Colleen & Danny)
Training together. A perfect little slice of life with a wonderful Colleen voice!

C'mere It's Cold Outside by [personal profile] lady_katana4544 (Agent Carter, Jack & Daniel with implied P/J/D)
Huddling for warmth, yessss.

RIGHT, okay, I currently have things to write for:
• Just Married [July 28]
• Hetswap (pinch hitting, not actually signed up) [Aug. 10]
• Into a Bar (probably the first one I'll drop if I have to drop something, since it's not an exchange) [Aug. 25]
• Daredevil/Defenders Exchange [Aug. 26]
• AU Exchange [Aug. 31]
• Kidfic Exchange [Sept. 7]
• Fandom Giftbox (okay, technically not an exchange either, but I'd really like to treat for it!) [Sept. 22]

What was I thinking. Send help.

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