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Dear AU Exchange Creator

My [community profile] auexchange signup is still something of a work in progress, so check back for the potential addition of new fandoms and AUs before the close of signups on the 14th.

First of all, thank you so much for making something for me! There's a varying number of AU tag requests and details on my different requests, but I would be equally delighted to receive any of my requested fandoms. I would also be fine with having more than one of the requested AU tags used in the same fic, e.g. they met in WWII and also they're werewolves! Suburban domesticity with dragons! I love genre mash-ups. Also, my suggestions are just suggestions. If the tags take you in a different direction, go for it.

I've requested fanfic for all of these in the exchange, but I am also very happy to receive art treats.

Likes: hurt/comfort of all types (tropey is great! I especially love head injuries, characters being drugged/woozy/out of it, shootings/stabbings, drowning, huddling for warmth, presumed dead, emotional support, characters being desperately worried about each other), stranded/survival scenarios, cozy domesticity, angst, fluff, enemies to friends, terrible coping mechanisms, characters hanging out with each other (playing board games, getting drinks after work, etc), casefic, road trips, character studies, characters from magic/superpowered canons in mundane AUs, nonpowered characters in magic/superpowered AUs.

DNW: incest, permanent character deaths or terminal illnesses aside from any canonical ones (death fakeouts for angst are welcome however), non-canonical pairings besides requested ones (background canon pairings are always fine), crossovers between unrelated canons aside from any requested fusions.

Iron Fist
Ward & Danny
Ward & Danny & Colleen
Ward & Colleen

Character comes into an inheritance with strange conditions
Canonically, Ward and Joy had to stay with the company in order to inherit, but what if Harold (being Harold) put something REALLY bizarre and/or cruel in his will? Such as forcing Ward to submit to medical experiments to give him superpowers, or get married to someone he doesn't want to marry, or ... the sky's the limit, really. This could also apply to Danny; maybe he discovers in the post-S1 era, when he comes back to town, that Harold had messed with his parents' will and he has to do something really weird or dangerous in order to have access to his 51% of Rand, if he wants it.

This could also apply to Colleen -- maybe she discovers she is the beneficiary of some inheritance that requires her to go through a trap-filled labyrinth or become soul-bonded to a magic weapon, or something. Danny might also find himself in a similar situation if someone from K'un Lun leaves him something weird.

Canon Divergence AU
Characters become friends/allies earlier than canon

What if Ward and Danny (+ Colleen and/or Joy?) actually teamed up against Harold in early season one? I would love a scenario in which they all got on the same page much earlier: Ward and Colleen might unexpectedly become friends while getting Danny out of the mental hospital, or Ward made a different choice about Danny earlier, or Danny found out about Harold's abuse and decided to help - anything like that would be really fun for me. I wished everyone had been more in one place/on one page in S1, so an AU in which that happened would be delightful.

You are welcome to explore other canon divergences, though I'd prefer if it doesn't result in characters who are canonically friends/partners in "our" timeline hating each other at the end. What if Danny stayed in NYC at the end of season 2, or Colleen got the Iron Fist in season 1, or Harold didn't die and came back to torment Ward some more, but everyone thinks Harold is dead so even Ward isn't sure if he's hallucinating or not?

Role Reversal
Origin Swap

Ward crashes in K'un Lun, and Danny is the one who stays home and runs the company? Colleen is the one who comes to New York as the Iron Fist? (You could include some of Colleen's comics backstory here - maybe it was the Wings who were Harold's business partners in this version.) Mix them up however you like!

Character Prosecuted For Canonical Actions
What if Jeri wasn't able to get the charges dropped against Danny, so after Harold's death, Danny ends up in jail? Ward and Colleen teaming up to try to get him out would be incredibly fun. Or, perhaps they failed to successfully kill Harold, and all three of them have to go on the run (+ Claire? Joy?) when Harold pulls the same trumped-up-charges trick he did on Danny with the others too.

One character is a dragon
Dragon!Danny, anyone?! Perhaps he's a weredragon who turns into a person, or just an ordinary dragon. But it doesn't have to be Danny. You could also go with someone more unexpected! Maybe the Meachums are all weredragons and have been hiding it all these years, or perhaps Colleen was subjected to an experiment in the Hand to give her dragon powers that ended up turning her into one.

Someone is secretly hiding wings? Weird magical drugs cause Ward (or someone else) to grow unexpected and very painful wings? It's a world where everyone just has wings and that's perfectly normal?

Soulmates share a pain bond
Soulmates share a telepathic bond
Platonic Soulmark AU

What if Harold finds a way to bond Danny and Ward, to ensure their compliance if hurting/tormenting one affects the other? Or Danny healing Colleen creates a bond between them? Or Ward and Colleen turn out to have some kind of bond that's activated when they touch (or through some other weird thing that happens to them), to both of their dismay and distress.

Character Journeys To The Underworld to Rescue Their Dead Lover/Friend
I would LOVE this trope for any of these characters. As long as they get them back in the end.

Accidental Shapeshifter Marriage Due to Unknowing Theft of Animal Skin
I feel as if accidentally running off with a selkie's skin in an attempt to be helpful is the sort of thing that WOULD happen to Danny in particular. (The selkie or other shapeshifter doesn't have to be a canon character.) Or maybe Colleen is a selkie and Danny politely gives back her sealskin. Or Ward accidentally sells it, or takes it on purpose in the early S1 era to try to get leverage on her. (That'll end well for him, for sure.) Or maybe Danny has a secret hidden dragonskin and Colleen and/or Ward finds it, or Ward is a shapeshifter being held prisoner by Harold. Basically I think I'd really enjoy a fairy-tale ambiance for this one. A romantic ending is not necessary.

1920s AU
Harold's Art Deco building looks like it's straight out of the 20s anyway! I bet you could do essentially the same plot against a 1920s New York backdrop, and I'd love something like that! Flappers, Prohibition, corrupt officials and Gatsby-type millionaires ... go!

Daemon AU
I'm always up for one of these, and all its lovely/angsty possibilities.

Weird West AU
I can so easily see these characters in this kind of setting! Especially with the Western-esque vibes of the very last scene in season two. Half the fun of this kind of AU for me is just seeing what the characters' new roles are. Give me all the superpowered kung-fu Western shenanigans!

The Defenders
Luke & Jessica & Matt & Danny
Matt & Danny
Jess & Danny
Luke & Danny

The various characters' supporting casts and love interests/canon pairings are also welcome!

Werewolf Pack
Pack Dynamics AU

They would be the best werewolf pack! Are they all wolves? Only some of them? You could do this with the whole group, or just one of the 2-character requested pairings, in which one character finds this out about the other one(s), or something like that.

Platonic Soulmark AU
I love soulmates and I love the platonic version just as much. Having two (or more?) of these Disaster Teammates(TM) find out that their soulmate is That Person would be wonderful. You can use whatever soulmark/soulbond rules you like best: words or symbols on skin, telepathy/pain-sharing, the ability to use their powers more effectively together; whatever floats your boat.

One character is a dragon
One character is/becomes immortal

Various AUs in which one of them is hiding a secret and the other(s) find out about it.

Fairy Tale AU
This might be really fun with these characters; feel free to put them into whatever fairy tale roles you like, or mix it up however.

Spies & Secret Agents
Leverage AU
Space Pirates AU

Some action AU ideas! I would love to see how they'd work out as a team of spies, or spies working against each other, or maybe some/one of them is a spy and the other(s) are civilians! Or they could be a team of con artists, or space pirates.

Coffee Shop AU
In Universe Coffee Shop AU
Yarn Store AU
Amateur Theatre AU
Writing Critique Group AU

Here are some fun mundane AUs for all your mundane-AU needs! (Or mundane-ish in the case of the in-universe coffee shop, which imho would be HILARIOUS.)

1920s AU
1930s science fiction writers AU

Give me some historical tropes! Roaring 20s with all the flappers and Prohibition. The 1930s one could be either a straightforward mundane AU, or one in which they actually have their canonical powers (that's what drew them to writing science fiction!) and they're all trying to hide it from each other. (Actually, if you want to let some/all of the characters keep their powers in any of the mundane AUs, I'd be fine with that.)

Socioeconomic Status Swap
Origin Swap
Role Swap

And here's where you get to mix them up however! Someone other than Danny is the well-known billionaire, while Danny is a working-class nobody given powers in a freak accident - or whatever you want to do with this!

Agent Carter
Peggy & Jack
Peggy & Daniel & Jack
Peggy & Daniel

Werewolf Pack

I love werewolf AUs, and would love it for these characters. Always werewolves? Got bitten and turned? Shift at will, shift at full moon? All up to you.

Characters Met While Fighting In WWII
They could so easily have met during the war, in any combination! (Well, Jack and Daniel would be trickier to arrange, since they were in different theatres of the war, but they might have trained together. Or you could have Jack assigned to Europe or Daniel in the Pacific instead. Peggy is pretty easy since she worked for intelligence and could be sent anywhere.) Anyway, I would love to see something like this! Up to you whether the fic deals exclusively with the war period, or whether they met briefly and then remember each other when they meet again at the SSR.

Met while captured together
Similar to the above, though it wouldn't necessarily have to be WWII-related.

White Collar Fusion or AU
I'm basically thinking the AC characters doing the White Collar premise: one of them is a criminal released conditionally from prison to help the other(s) track down criminals. They could be in a no-powers AU where they work for the FBI, or they could be working weird cases with the SSR as in canon. You could keep it close to the show (e.g. Jack actually gets brought up on charges and put in prison for the Okinawa incident, but Peggy and Daniel get him out to help them take down the Arena Club) or make it a total AU in which they first meet when, say, Peggy is a forger released into Jack's custody.

Woman disguises herself as man to join military
Peggy, as a man, has a distinguished military career and joins the SSR afterwards; you could rework S1 with this as the secret (or one of the secrets) that throws Daniel and Jack off the scent of the real culprits. Or Peggy HAD a distinguished career, only to be unmasked and thrown out in disgrace. I'm also fine with a Rule-63 version of this in which Jack or Daniel is the woman with the secret.

Weird adventures in a retirement home AU
Look, just give me any combination of Peggy, Jack, and Daniel (plus any other characters you want to throw in there, including modern MCU ones like Sharon, Fury, etc) and give them some bizarre things to investigate, and I will be THERE.

Platonic Soulmark AU
I love soulbonds, and I think I'd particularly enjoy a platonic bond with any combination of these characters!

Monster Hunters
Science Fiction AU
Regency-Inspired Science Fiction AU
Urban Fantasy AU
Magical School AU
Magical College AU

I picked some fun-looking fantasy/SF AUs. Feel free to take these whichever way your imagination wants to go.

1920s AU
Golden Age Detective AU
Golden Age of Hollywood

Putting them in a slightly different time period or giving them different roles in their canon 1940s/50s world would be incredibly fun for me.

Major Canon Location is haunted
Snowed in at a Haunted Hotel
Ghost Hunters AU

Ghosts + Team SSR = SHENANIGANS.

The Punisher
Amy & Frank
Frank & David & Sarah
Frank & David

In-universe coffeeshop AU
Frank ends up working for a coffee shop for REASONS. Maybe he needs money on the road? (Amy is the teenage barista who has to train him, with no idea of his double life 'til he shows up in the coffee storeroom covered in blood!) Or maybe AU!David, instead of being presumed dead and going on the run, ends up working for a coffee shop and meets Frank in his early season one homeless-dude persona when he comes in for a cup of coffee.

Suburban domesticity
I can think of a few canon-divergent variants of this, e.g. Frank ends up getting basically adopted by the Liebermans after S1, or Amy ends up staying with Frank at the end of S2 and they settle down somewhere. Though you could also go full non-canon AU and just have Frank be That Weird Neighbor. Actually I would totally be into that - maybe he's getting up to his Punisher-style activities and neighbors David & Sarah or Amy start covertly investigating him, or maybe he's just a regular veteran who came back seriously fucked up and slowly makes friends with them. Or a little of both.

Most Dangerous Game AU
These characters would be SO PERFECT in a scenario like that. Perhaps Frank and whichever other characters you want to include (David, Sarah, Amy) first meet while being hunted by a serial killer in the woods. (Use one of the canon antagonists or an OC, I'm good either way.) Or maybe Billy decides to get his revenge by taking them out in the woods and hunting them.

Werewolf Pack
Pack Dynamics

Yes, I'm requesting werewolves everywhere, because werewolves are my jam. Lone-wolf Frank? The Liebermans as a pack? Amy as a science experiment who was turned into a wolf against her will? Endless possibilities, here.

Dragon Riders AU
High Fantasy AU
Dragon AU
One character is a dragon

I love fantasy, dragons, creative worldbuilding, etc. Feel free to mix in some SF or modern-world elements into the fantasy version if you like; I would love that too. Or just go straight-up urban fantasy with dragons in the modern world. Basically anything you want to do with fantasy elements and these characters would make me happy.

Space Outlaws AU
Space Opera AU

Translate them to a future space universe! Former space marine Frank, presumed dead and gone rogue? The Liebermans as asteroid homesteaders or piloting their own freighter? Amy as a space grifter? I'm good with wherever you want to take this! Characters as escaped science experiments, cyborgs, bio/mechanical fusions, messing around with identity and memory are also fun for me in a space setting.

Daemon AU
I don't think I've ever seen one of these for Punisher, and I would love to find out what their daemons are!

Character Journeys To The Underworld to Rescue Their Dead Lover/Friend
The person being rescued doesn't necessarily have to be the requested pairing(s), although it could be. Perhaps Frank figures out a way to go rescue Maria and the kids this way, and the other character(s) try to talk him out of it or help him.

Schitt's Creek
Alexis & David
Alexis & David & Moira & Johnny
Jocelyn & Moira
Stevie & David

I am completely on board with all canon pairings being included (David/Patrick, Alexis/Ted, and the senior Roses are the ones I like best) and even being a significant part of the story, but I'm most interested in the friend/family relationships. I haven't seen season 5, but I think for the AUs I'm requesting, it doesn't matter.

One Character is a Reincarnated Deity
I could easily see David, Alexis, or Stevie in the reincarnated role. Maybe their deity powers start manifesting in incredibly weird ways, causing havoc around the motel?

Dragon Rider AU
Spies & Secret Agents
Everyone Suddenly Gains Superpowers
Everyone wakes up amnesiac
Everyone wakes up amnesiac on a spaceship
On the run from the law
Con Artists
Characters Have Useless Powers
Costumed Vigilante AU
Snowed at a Haunted Hotel
Canon's Plot Is Interrupted By An Alien Invasion
Western/Wild West with powers/magic

Okay, so I don't really have individual prompts for these because I admit that for this canon I'm mainly choosing tropes on the basis of which ones have the maximum potential for hilarity or at least the possibility of making the Roses EVEN MORE fish-out-of-water than they are in the show, but if you want to play it serious and angsty and/or hurt/comforty, I'm totally there for that. I would absolutely love to get a fic that's more serious than the show and really puts the Roses & co. through the wringer and forces their genuine love and loyalty up to the surface. But something light and fun in the show's style would also delight me.

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