Winter Sunlight

And then I wrote some things

For Escape the Iron Triangle - which had the writing period over this weekend, and has now revealed fics and authors:

Fire Walk (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko & Iroh & Ozai, 1500 wds, AU)
The recipient requested (among other things) deals with demons and tea, so my brain went to the worst possible place. Poor Zuko.

One Cool Cat Daddy (Luke Cage, post-S2, 1000 words, kitten!fic)
And my recip for this one wanted Luke POV and kittens. Twist my arm. XD

And I posted a couple of Iron Fist fics today for this year's h/c bingo card:

Pressure Points (Ward & Danny, 1500 wds, gen)
For my "motion sickness" square, in which Ward's life continues to find new and interesting ways to suck. Nothing graphic, basically just fluff based around the idea that motion sickness bracelets work using anti-nausea pressure points and Danny probably knows how to do that, too.

Typical Tuesday Night (2100 wds, Ward & Danny with some background Danny/Colleen)
For "blood loss", in which Danny almost gets sacrificed by druids, because of course he does. This one is more violent and bloody than what I usually write; see warnings on fic.

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