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This is really cool: there's going to be an animated kids' series on PBS about an Alaska Native girl with Native showrunners/writers and voice actors.

WTF, nature: Ancient four-legged whale ancestor with webbed feet and hooves on its toes.

I'm not really doing [community profile] sunshine_challenge as such, but the Challenge #2 looked fun, which was to talk about your username and default icon. My username is a character from one of my unfinished fantasy novels that I worked on in my teens. When I first started writing fanfic in 2000-ish, I initially used my real name (I was used to being in realname parts of the Internet, mailing lists and writing/SF-fandom message boards and such) but quickly realized I was going to want something that wasn't directly connected to my aspiring-pro-writer identity -- mixing the two up was really Not Done in those days. I used this one because it was unique and I figured it wouldn't directly connect to me. I had already occasionally used it on Usenet.

Some of you who have been around here for awhile might remember that the name I used on LJ was Friendshipper, but I eventually decided to change it to Sholio to make it consistent with the name I was using on Ao3 and

As for my default icon, the sunshine winter one - there's no particular significance to it. I just think it's pretty.

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