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Exchanges, recs, happymaking fandom things, etc.

Fic for me! :D

Many Happy Returns of the Day by [ profile] edenfalling for a prompt I left for any Defenders or Iron Fist character having a birthday after they meet their new friends. Delightful fic with Matt + Danny + a Special Surprise Guest. (Also on DW.)

And this goes nicely with the lovely Jessica and Danny birthday fic that [personal profile] kore/[ profile] actonbell wrote me in the Defenders Prompt Fest! Which is still open, by the way.

MCU Exchange is open with 81 fics! (I wrote 2 things for this fest. Happy hunting.) I got What a Lovely Way to Burn, an Agent Carter OT3 get-together with abundant Jack h/c that hit aaaaaallllll my happy buttons.

And the Escape the Iron Triangle Exchange (multifandom flashfic) had both the writing period and reveals this weekend. I also wrote two (2) things in this, and I got Clouds, a sweet Bucky de-aging fic!

I've just been reading through the Iron Triangle fics (they're all pretty short and the collection isn't that big, so easy enough to go through in an evening). My favorites so far:

Shoot from the Hip - Defenders/MCU. Claire/Valkyrie, PWP. Probably my favorite thing in the collection; it's sweet and hot with A+ characterization.

Gone Away - Captain Marvel. Maria and Monica in the aftermath of Carol's disappearance in 1989.

At the End of the Rainbow - MCU, gen. Three adventures Valkyrie didn't have, and two she did. (The tagged pairings are a bit inaccurate. Maybe the author isn't familiar with Ao3's pairing tagging system ...?)

Change is as good as a holiday - Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley. A+ character voices.

The Deserter - Original F/F. There's a wealth of worldbuilding and characterization in a really short space; feels like fanfic for a canon that doesn't exist, in the best possible way.

Oh, and signups are open 'til July 14 for [community profile] auexchange! I need to finish getting my signup together ...

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