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Some stray Stranger Things comments

... as of 3x06. No spoilers past 3x06, please! I also don't want to know how many episodes there are this season, because I somehow managed to avoid finding this out, can't look it up now because of spoilers, and I am liking not knowing. (I'm guessing probably about 8, but I don't know for sure.)

* Back when I did my who will beat up Steve this season? poll, I completely failed to include "Russian spies" for some reason.

* I was also way less spoiled than I thought from the one spoiler scene I had actually seen in gifs, the one where Steve gets shot in the neck with the needle. I was 100% sure that it had to do with the zombie plot, not the Russian plot.

* Dustin and Erica rescuing Steve and Robin, yessssss!

* I actually really want them to save Billy! W. T. F. The scene on the beach and El taking his hand was so nicely done.

* The f/x are really cool this season, and they've been doing such neat things with El's internal telepathy landscape and its interaction with the real world. I could really do without the "ewww" factor with the monster, but I've been really liking some of the visual stuff. Oh, and also the red-white-and-blue color theme everywhere, which is really neat.

* I continue to appreciate this show's commitment to all the 80s tropes. Crawling around in the air vents! The Terminator homage!

* Hopper is SUCH A DICK this season. Such a dick. Oh my god. I hate basically everything about his characterization this season, from bullying Mike like the world's biggest stereotype of an overprotective dad, to torturing people and stealing cars from innocent bystanders, to insulting Joyce and outright calling her crazy in front of Murray when she's been literally right about almost everything.

* Joyce yelling at Murray, on the other hand, was very cathartic.

* I also really appreciate that the show is giving the female characters more interaction this season, particularly the Max-El friendship and Nancy bonding with her mom.

* I liked that they textually confirmed that Will is gay this season (in that conversation with Mike), but it also makes it stand out that he's not just the only kid, but the only one of any of the characters who doesn't have a romance subplot or even a hint of one, and that is increasingly bothering me in the romantic-angst scenes.

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