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Escape the Iron Triangle exchange

In my latest failure of sanity or at least of common sense, I went and signed up for this:

It looks super fun, though! It's designed to be quick, fast, and short. You match ONLY on freeform tags (you can choose from the entire canonical tagset), not on fandoms, though you are supposed to at least try to make something your recipient will enjoy. If there are no matches for you, the mods will simply match you to someone anyway. XD The one thing you can veto is archive warnings - I signed up for "no warnings apply" on all of mine, so I know I will match to a person who has at least one "no warnings" request. Signups opened a day or two ago, close today, and the deadline to turn in your assignment is July 7.


It made me think of similar speed writing events back in ye olde LJ days (Supernatural and White Collar both had them, and probably other fandoms as well), and it's making me want to resurrect the relay-race style events like White Collar's Run the Con. You need enough people to make it actually work; I think the only fandom I'm currently in that's big enough on DW is MCU. But the way it worked was - once the event starts, the last person before you gives you your prompt, and then you have 24 hours to write it. You can tap out if you're unexpectedly busy, at which point you drop to the bottom of the writing queue and will get another go at it later.

It occurred to me then that, since it's not an exchange, there's no reason why it couldn't be pan-fandom. You could also do a themed version where either the prompts or the fills corresponded to a certain broad theme (e.g. all AUs - you'd need a theme that was big enough to apply to any fandom). So what I'm thinking is:

1. Interested participants sign up for a certain date within a set date range. (IIRC, I think with run-the-con you could be tagged in at any point during the month, but it might make more sense and be easier for modding to have people pick a day.)
2. You'll get your prompt, provided by the previous participant and supplied by the mod, once the previous person posts their fic. You then have 24 hours to write and post something.
3. If you are unexpectedly swamped or can do literally nothing with the prompt, you can tap out and the next person gets it instead. You go to the end of the line and will get another chance.
4. If there's no communication from a participant in the 24-hour period, they're skipped and done.

Since you're not writing for someone, it doesn't matter if they aren't familiar with your fandom, pairing, or tropes. There'd need to be a good faith effort to supply prompts that are applicable for any fandom or pairing, and the mod can nix a prompt that's obviously going to be a flat nope for a lot of people.

A Poll:

This one might have to be fic-only because I'm not sure if 24 hours would be a reasonable amount of time to do art in.

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