Sholio (sholio) wrote,

A small Stranger Things comment

So we're watching Stranger Things season 3 ... mild spoilers as of 3x03 under the cut.

It's a little thing but it is driving me absolutely bonkers.


... I mean, I don’t actually speak Russian. But I'm fairly sure about that. If you don’t speak Russian and you were translating it word for word from a book, you would not get “The silver cat”. Also, while I obviously can’t say for sure due to being a non-speaker, I am pretty darn sure that you wouldn’t get a word-for-word translation into grammatical English because languages do not work that way!

I also find it somewhat plausibility-straining that you could understand the words someone was saying on a tape, in a language you don’t speak, well enough to find them in a book, but I’m willing to handwave that because, well, TV -- the same way I can handwave CPR that looks nothing like CPR and so forth. The articles thing, though! There’s just no way that you could get that translation from literally ANYTHING they were saying! At least I don’t think so.

We’ve only watched to 3x03, so no spoilers in comments beyond episode 3, please!

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