Winter Sunlight


There's a pretty big wildfire north of town right now. It's not dangerous to us, and not likely to be - it's about 20 miles away and would have to go through a whole lot of subdivisions and the Trans-Alaska pipeline to get to us. However, the air quality is absolutely horrendous (I wore one of Orion's air-filter shop masks while I was doing garden work just now, because breathing hurts and makes your mouth taste like smoke), and it was raining ash and burnt spruce needles last night, although that seems to have mostly stopped for now.

I took a couple of pictures of the ashfall on the car last night around 11 p.m. or so.

flakes of ash on car windshield

ash and spruce needles on hood of car

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That looks just awful! I can only imagine what the smell must be like! (We get fires in Florida, but never anything like that bad close to me.)
That looks awful. Hope it is contained quickly. does the pipeline have any safety measure to protect it in event of a fire? How are pets reacting to the air quality?
Oh boy, that's not at all nice to have to live with! Let's hope the get the fire under control quickly, for everyone's sake. *hugs*