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Marvel Femslash Exchange recs

There's a bunch of great stuff in Marvel Femslash Exchange! A few things I've enjoyed so far:

the night's just getting started (art, Black Panther, Okoye/Shuri, SFW)
Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors and the clothing.

Break the Spell (Defenders, Tilda/Elektra)
This is so good! It's plotty and fascinating, and the author does a fantastic job of integrating the mythos of Elektra's more over-the-top Daredevil/Hand world with Tilda's (somewhat) more down-to-earth Luke Cage world.

one more hour (Defenders, Jessica/Trish)
Post-S2 reconciliation fic. Painful but lovely and achingly sweet, with great Jess POV.

dead come to life (Captain Marvel, Carol/Maria)
A cool and different (but perfectly canon-suited) take on soulbonds.

Heart for a Heart (Thor, Valkyrie/Hela)
I love how it fits seamlessly into canon, and doesn't soften either of them. Sharp-edged and hurty and good.

Little Sparrow Bones (GotG, Gamora/Nebula, pre-canon breathplay)
Painful and fucked up and very them.

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