Sholio (sholio) wrote,

SSR Confidential post-deadline pinch hits

I currently have three of them, including the lingering one from yesterday. Full request details at the links.

These are all due Tuesday, June 11, with the possibility of additional extensions if needed. The minimums are 500 words of fic, 1 completed piece of art, or 1 minute of vid.

Pinch hit #1: Peggy/Angie, Peggy/Dottie, Whitney/Dottie, Whitney/Angie, Peggy/Whitney, Ana/Whitney; fic.

Pinch hit #2: Peggy & Rose, Ana/Edwin, Peggy/Daniel, Peggy/Daniel + Jack, or anything Peggy; fic, art, vids. - CLAIMED

Pinch hit #3: Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Jason, Whitney Frost, Peggy & Jarvis; fic, art, vids. - CLAIMED

I'm screening the comments to this entry in case anyone wants to claim one here!

ETA: #2 and #3 are claimed, but I'm still looking for someone to take #1!

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Tags: exchange:ssr confidential
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