Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Reccing Thursday

This is a new thing that a few people are getting going - fanworks recs on Thursdays, sort of like Reading Wednesdays or FF Friday! I approve, and will try to rec things for this! Or just to rec more things in general.


Free Time and Other Unicorns by [ profile] edenfalling
Defenders/Iron Fist, Misty & Colleen gen, 1600 wds
In which Colleen is a horse person, Misty is not, and there may or may not be a unicorn in Central Park. Disclaimer: this was prompted by me (I wanted Colleen and Misty having to deal with some kind of magical creature), and it is absolutely delightful - everything I could have wanted from that prompt, with wonderful banter and a light touch of magic in the everyday.


Some Schitt's Creek icons by [personal profile] winterfish.

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Tags: recs:icons, recs:iron fist
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