Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Someday I will stop signing up for things

... but today is not that day: I went and signed up for [community profile] justmarriedexchange. Still tweaking my signups a bit (to add Frank/David/Sarah this time or no? should I add some MCU?). Signups are open 'til the 26th.

It amuses me to notice how different my requests are in this exchange, because usually my signups for any given exchange are pretty similar, or at least in the same broad category of things-I-like, but this time it's all over the place:

Agent Carter - Arranged marriage, fake married, undercover as married! Is there even a marriage happening here or not?
Marvel TV (which is where all the Defendersverse shows are grouped this time): Fluff and hijinks, wedding fluff, give me cuddles and fluff.
Stranger Things - Terrible angst! Resurrecting the dead! Blood rituals!

(It's only a month and a half 'til new Stranger Things! This is very stressful because WHAT IF STEVE DIES, but also I cannot wait. At least one of my shows is not currently cancelled or terrible.)

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Tags: exchange:misc
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