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Dear Not Prime Time writer

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Dear writer: thank you for writing for me! I love all these canons and if you loved writing it, I'm sure I'll love reading it. All my prompts are merely suggestions; if you have a different idea, go for it.

General likes: hurt/comfort (tropey or understated, both are good!), fluff, angst with a happy or at least hopeful ending, found family, curtainfic/domesticity, characters hanging out together (getting drinks, playing games, etc), casefic/action, presumed dead, missing scenes, futurefic, loyalty, enemies to friends, bickering/banter, AUs, ultra tropey tropes (e.g. bodyswap, soulmates, amnesia, etc)

DNWs: character death (death fakeouts are great, though), incest, unrequested non-canon pairings (including canon pairings is always fine), A/B/O, tragic or hopeless endings.


Iron Fist
Ward Meachum & Danny Rand
Ward Meachum & Colleen Wing

I adore Ward and Danny's brotherhood/friendship. The whole idea of Colleen and Ward having to get along for Danny's sake, and maybe developing a cautious friendship of their own, is delightful for me. I also really love Danny/Colleen, and Colleen and Misty's friendship, and all the side characters, so feel free to include any of that in a story for me -- or leave it out if it's not your thing.

Some story ideas:
- Ward and Danny's Asia road trip! Tell me more!! Magic gun heists! Hurt/comfort! Daring rescues! Do they have to fight dragons? Or maybe something from their adjustment period when they get back, because that's gotta be weird too, especially for Ward, who's never done something like this before.
- Any sort of h/c with any of the requested characters would make me very happy. I'm especially fond of it for Ward or Danny.
- Ward and Colleen getting to know each other better. I enjoy their antagonistic-inlaws relationship, but I hoped that if the show had gone on longer, they'd have ended up becoming friends, and I'd love to see that happen in fic. That being said, if they just have to do something together and absolutely hate it, that's great too! Prickly bonding over something to do with Danny (cooperating while he's in the hospital, say, or conspiring to get him a birthday present), maybe? Being in peril together? Colleen needing Ward's help for something, like the center is in financial trouble and she wants him to invest to bail it out, or he needs her help for some kind of thing that he doesn't want to get Danny involved in.
- Time travel/time loops. Going back in time to stop someone's death. Danny accidentally ending up in Ward's fucked-up childhood. That kind of thing.
- Ward falls off the wagon again, or takes some kind of magic drug that has super weird side effects.
- Danny actually manages to get back to K'un Lun, but his homecoming is not what he hoped for.
- Impromptu road trip + inadequate immunizations = malaria, y/y?
- Colleen gets a call from kidnappers who have gotten their hands on two expat billionaires and want a ransom. After she stops laughing, she's off on a rescue mission (perhaps with Misty in tow).
- Danny or Colleen teaching Ward to spar/fight/meditate.
- Hanging out together, board game nights, hot cocoa, anything like that makes me happy.

Luke Cage & Jessica Jones & Matt Murdock & Danny Rand
Jessica Jones & Danny Rand
Matt Murdock & Danny Rand
Luke Cage & Danny Rand

I love teamfic with these ridiculous misfits, and I'm also really into the possibilities of cheerful golden retriever Danny interacting with the other, broodier members of the team (though I also love the various other combinations, and their various supporting characters are welcome to turn up too). If you write the whole team, it's okay to focus on one or two characters as long as the others aren't completely sidelined. I like all the canon pairings (but prefer the focus of the fic to be gen), and I have seen all the shows so you don't have to worry about spoiling me. You can feel free to ignore inconvenient canon and set the fic in a nebulous "some point when everyone is friends and everything is fixed" future, but you can also deal with the developments in their various shows if you want (e.g. Danny not having the Iron Fist, Jess being on the outs with Trish, that kind of thing).

Some story ideas:
- The team crashing after a mission that didn't go so well, with people tired and hurt.
- Just hanging out together even when they don't have to. Pizza nights. That kind of thing.
- The team having to fight a COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS villain (you can make one up or use one from the comics) and just being like, what is our lives anyway.
- The team locked up together and bickering their way out of (or into) trouble.
- Strip poker.
- Everyone/anyone/someone finding out that Matt's alive.
- Road trip!
- Sparring, play-fighting, learning new tactics.
- One of the team being in Deadly Peril and the others having to find and rescue him/her. I am really fond of "race against the clock" scenarios (time bombs, someone trapped in a room filling up with water), aftermath of torture, and hurt/comfort.
- A quiet conversation on a rooftop.
- Learning a new skill (not necessarily fight-related)
- Among the entire extended cast of the shows, there are a lot of former or current alcoholics/drug addicts, as well as a lot of abusive parents, and it'd be interesting to see something dealing with that, e.g. Danny talks to Jessica or Trish about something to do with Ward, Matt making a conscious effort not to train Danny the way Stick trained him, or that kind of thing.
- Someone accidentally acquires a pet. Maybe a magic pet, or a weird science-experiment pet.
- I have really been in the mood for Matt mentoring Danny lately. I just love the idea of Matt having worked through his own issues enough to be a good mentor to someone else (and slightly bemused about it, because WTF, someone is looking up to him now, what). Or the tables getting turned and Danny needing to rescue him/be there for him in some way.

Frank Castle & David Lieberman & Sarah Lieberman
Frank Castle & David Lieberman & Sarah Lieberman & the kids
David Lieberman/Sarah Lieberman
Frank Castle & David Lieberman
Amy Bendix & David Lieberman

I love Frank and the Liebermans in all combinations. I am also really intrigued by the idea of Amy and David getting to know each other. Would they drive each other nuts? Bond over Frank's terrible life choices?

Canon-specific DNW: While I'm generally fine with darkness at approximately canon levels for this show, the flashforward at the end of S2 was a little too dark for me. You don't have to be canon-noncompliant, but I'd prefer if Frank's vigilante activities weren't dealt with in detail.

- I'm always up for an AU, but I would especially love it for this fandom. Frank as a Mad Max-style loner helping out a family in a post-apocalyptic wilderness and getting adopted by them? Frank as a space Marine? Amy and David as a hacker/thief team of vigilantes in a cyberpunk future?
- Anything involving someone being kidnapped, rescued, imperiled, hurt and helped out by the others is totally my jam. I especially like scenarios in which all the characters get to be awesome and competent at the things they're good at (while maybe being completely out of their depth in other ways).
- I also really like domestic fluff, so feel free to write me that.
- Someone acquiring an accidental superpower might be really fun in this fandom. What can they do? Fly? Heal people? Turn invisible? Walk through walls?
- Frank teaching David, Sarah, or the kids some kind of combat-related skill, like using a gun or picking locks or basic self-defense moves.
- Or the inverse: David teaching Frank something computer-related, or some other David skill. David helping Frank with taxes. XD Whatever.
- Anything with the Liebermans inviting Frank to a family event, a holiday, that kind of thing would make me really happy. Or Amy turning up at one, maybe looking for Frank?
- I really love the contrast between the Liebermans in their suburban world and Frank with his issues and his dark past. Anything you'd like to write that deals with this contrast would make me happy, e.g. Frank working through some of his issues with his family's death through his friendship with David and Sarah, David having to face up to the amount of time he's spent in Frank's world and how it affects him/his family, etc.
- I really enjoy "5 things/5 things + 1" type of fic, e.g. "three holidays Frank missed and one he didn't", "four times Amy and David almost met and one time they actually did", etc.

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