Sholio (sholio) wrote,

Sneaking in with a few more Yuletide recs

Just a few more recs before author reveals!

Homemakers (Rivers of London, 5600 wds, canon pairings + gen)
This is lovely and sweet and well characterized, and also really well put together as a story; I really admire the way everything comes full circle by the end, plotwise and emotionally. Contains Lies Sleeping spoilers.

True Friends (Watership Down, 1500 wds)
A lovely reunion-in-the-afterlife story that I really enjoyed.

And Now ... A Word From My Sponsor (4000 wds, Jessica Jones/Daredevil, Trish & Karen)
Great precanon fic with the two of them getting their lives back together, moving beyond their difficult pasts, and becoming friends.

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