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Some places you can donate to help immigrants and refugees in the US

Today in the US is the Families Belong Together rallies nationwide. I decided to donate to some places that help refugees or immigrants. If you too would like some places to help with dollars, volunteering, etc, or signal-boost for others, here are the ones I gave to (obviously not a comprehensive list, just the ones that looked useful and reputable to me after some searching).

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project - Seattle-area nonprofit that provides legal assistance, education, and outreach.
Alaska Institute for Justice (formerly Alaska Immigrant Justice Project, renamed after they expanded their mandate to include Alaska Native communities as well) - provides legal assistance, translation services, assistance to human trafficking victims, and other services.
Fundraiser for Yeni Gonzales on Gofundme, one of the individual moms whose children were taken away from her and placed with a foster family in New York while she is held in Arizona. A group of NYC locals got together and started a fundraiser to bail her out and get her reunited with her children. Details at the link.

Other links to check out:
National Immigration Legal Services Network to find similar orgs in your area.
Pen pal program to connect volunteers with adults in immigrant detention centers that they can write to.
ACLU (which I already have an ongoing monthly donation to)

Added from comments:
Another fundraiser for an individual (Sonia Felix Castanon)

If you have more links, please provide them in the comments!

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I was at the Berkeley rally today, and one of the speakers talked about another family with a fundraiser online:

Sonia Felix Castanon, a domestic violence survivor and single mother in ICE detention for the last 10 months. She already won a victory in her case, but the government has appealed the ruling and continues to hold her pending the appeal. (More background from her legal representation here.)