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Prompt call (DW edition!) - now closed to new prompts!

Since the DW/LJ people get left out of the Tumblr prompt calls, here's one just for you. :) Leave me a character(s), relationship, or pairing and a prompt in a comment. As Tumblr people can attest, I'm not always that reliable about filling prompts and it can take me F O R E V E R, so don't feel bad if I don't write yours; it's not personal.

Anyway, I will try to write at least 100 words for each prompt I get. Prompts for missing scenes, future scenes, or AUs of any of my existing stories are also welcome, if there's anything you want to see more of!

Agent Carter - Any combination of the Peggy-Jack-Daniel triad (gen or ship), or gen with any characters.
Stranger Things - The Steve-Nancy-Jonathan triad (OT3 or canon pairings); can include other characters too, but it's mostly these three I want to write about.
CJ Cherryh's books - The Heavy Time/Hellburner duology, or any of the books in my Cherryh tag (the nighthorse books, the Chanur books, Merchanter's Luck, etc)
MCU*: Tentatively adding this one. I haven't seen Spider-Man or Black Panther yet, but I'm up to date on the rest of the movies. Canon pairings or gen only.
Original*: Tentatively adding this one too. Prompts for any of the original worlds I write in, or just general fiction prompts.

*I reserve the right to reject any prompts for these that don't spark a story idea. Well, I guess that's generally true, but it's more likely to happen with the last two.

I'll close the prompt call when I feel like I have enough prompts to keep me busy for awhile!

Now closed to prompts!

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