V-day fic exchange scorecard

I participated in two different fic exchanges this Valentine's Day, and I feel like I totally won the exchange lottery this year. :D Sometimes you get something and have to scrape up enthusiasm for it. This time, I absolutely loved every single gift I got, and they were all really different from each other while still being things I really wanted.

First up, Agent Carter Valentines doesn't have an anon period, and there are 24 different fics and artworks with a variety of pairings (and gen!).

My gift was:
found a calling sweet as a lover by WhiteLadyoftheRing (1100 words, Peggy/Daniel/Jack)
It's a beautifully written little Valentine's slice-of-life with the SSR OT3 that I simply adored.

And Chocolate Box released early this morning and is still anon. I got treats!! And I really loved everything.

without a center in space (Dark Matter, 1100 words, sex pollen)
One of my perennial requests in Dark Matter is for sex pollen fic, and someone filled it (!!) ... PERFECTLY. You know how sometimes there's something you want from a trope, and it's almost never actually written that way, and then you stumble across a fic that does it exactly how you want it? THIS IS THAT FIC. It is the (non)platonic ideal of what I want from a sex pollen fic in general, and from these characters specifically. Also including possibly the best description of the actual sex that I've ever read in a sex pollen fic: "And then they fucked." (mildly paraphrased) Which probably makes the story sound much crackier than it actually is. It really isn't cracky at all. It's just that this is SO FAR from the weirdest thing that's ever happened to them ...

And then I got two Stranger Things fics featuring my two (different) favorite character relationships from the series, both sweet and well written and 100% in character.

Emergency (1000 words, Steve & Dustin)
In which Dustin has a problem that only Steve can help with. In the middle of the night. Not involving monsters from another dimension, this time. Sweet, bantery, and perfect.

on the run tonight (1900 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
And then I got 1900 words of monster hunting and cuddling and Steve h/c!! RIGHT AFTER I had been commiserating with someone else (on Tumblr) that there's not enough monster-of-the-week fic in STh fandom. AND SOMEONE WROTE ME ONE!

Seriously, there are times when you get one great gift and that's wonderful, but any single one of these would've been a perfect gift and they're ALL great and ALL different and I truly couldn't pick which one is my favorite!

So yeah. It's a good Valentine's Day.

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