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Hetswap letter

Dear Hetswap writer:

Thank you so much for writing for me! Feel free to ignore my specific prompts and use my general likes as a guide; the prompts are only there in case they help, but shouldn't be a straitjacket.

Likes: hurt/comfort of all types (you can use the h/c bingo prompt list for ideas), fluff, plotty fic, case fic, angst with a hopeful ending, little slices of life (characters sharing holidays or doing something together, say), characters who are 'action partner' types working or fighting together, presumed dead, AUs. I like ensembles and would be fine if other characters play a large role in the story; in particular, I enjoy fic about a character getting to know their significant other's friends and family. I like sex pollen and other dubconny scenarios (e.g. their captors drug them and make them have sex, one of them has to have sex with someone else to save the other, that kind of thing) but it's the hurt/comforty aftermath that I'm into, not the dubcon per se.

Dislikes: non-canon character death (except in certain scenarios as mentioned in my prompts), dark/tragic endings, pregnancy or childbirth (though kids are fine), jealousy, non-canon pairings other than the requested ones (background canon pairings are always fine).

Agent Carter
Peggy/Daniel, Peggy/Jack, Daniel/Violet

I was delighted with them as an endgame ship, so anything canon-compliant or AU is fine by me. I'd love to see the two of them doing something actiony together or working on a case, but anything anywhere along their post-canon timeline - marriage proposal? Wedding? Something from their married life? Peggy taking care of Daniel when he has a bad leg day, or Daniel worrying over Peggy after one of her cases comes a little too close to doing her in? Or maybe things go slightly AU a bit earlier and they don't get together the same way, e.g. Daniel gets sucked into the rift and Peggy goes in after him. Or you could do a total AU that puts them in a different context entirely, where they're art thieves or space marines or ... well, whatever you want. :D

I really love their fun, snarky Hepburn/Tracy dynamic. You could go AU from canon to make this work - perhaps Peggy & Daniel stay friends, and Peggy & Jack get together after Jack gets hurt - or, if you'd like to be canon-compliant, perhaps they have an on-again, off-again thing while Peggy's still back at the New York SSR in the between-seasons period. (I don't mind a bittersweet tone for that kind of scenario, but I'd at least prefer a suggestion of a possible good outcome for them ...) Anything with them fighting crime together and flirting would make me happy. Maybe they get sex-pollened on a case and have to work through that?

Or you could do a total AU - I could see these two in all kinds of Romancing the Stone/Moonlighting/African Queen kind of scenarios. And of course, as with any other pairing, snapshots from their married life together are also fun and delightful. Maybe they even get together decades down the road, after something happens to Daniel and shared grief draws them together. (This would be a rare exception to my "no character death" DNW.)

I thought they were really sweet and would like to see a version where things worked out for them, either in a total AU or a version of S2 where they didn't break up. It would be fun to see Violet interacting with the other characters in a post-S2 setting as Daniel's girlfriend. Maybe she helps take care of Jack after the shooting? Or you could do something canon-compliant about their first meeting or getting together in the pre-S2 era. (I don't mind a slightly bittersweet tone if you go that way, though I'd rather dwell on the happy than the bittersweet.)

Kara Danvers/Querl Dox
I fell hard for this pairing on the basis of just one episode! I know that they're a thing in the comics, but I don't really know much about it beyond that, and while I don't mind if you use some comics touches to embellish Brainy's currently skimpy Arrowverse backstory, it's TV Brainy and Kara that I want, not their comics counterparts. (Not that I don't love their comics counterparts; Brainiac 5 was my favorite Legion character back when I was into the LoSH comics, a long time ago.) Anyway, I love how sweetly well-intentioned TV Brainy is, and his hero-worship thing for Kara is adorable.

I'm good with anything for these two - something angsty, something sweet, something plotty. I would love to see Kara showing Earth stuff to Brainy, or taking him on a date! Or maybe he takes her to another planet or time. Hurt/comfort would be nice (Brainy getting hurt?), or something with the two of them celebrating a holiday, either hers or his, or Kara bringing him to a family get-together.

I also like the other characters and would be fine with any of them in the story, especially Winn or Mon-El or Imra.

Guardians of the Galaxy
I love their trust and gentleness with each other, how obvious it is that they're each other's best friend, how he coaxes her to smile and she's ready to stab anyone who tries to hurt her breakable little Terran. I'd really be happy with anything from their life together with their weird little family: something domestic on board the Milano or the Quadrant (either just the two of them, or involving the others - Peter and Gamora as Team Parents is always fun), pulling a heist, Peter introducing her to more of his dimly remembered Earth pop culture, Gamora showing him some of her fighting techniques. You can fix Yondu's death and give me Gamora bonding with her accidental father-in-law (or the two of them bristling like wolves over Peter and making veiled threats, while Peter is gloriously oblivious). Maybe they get thrown in prison together and have to break out (again), or crash-land on a beach planet and decide to have a nice vacation until their friends come pick them up.

Dark Matter
Two/Three, Three/Sarah

The moment when I started hardcore shipping these two was the moment in the time-loop episode when he kisses her on the forehead for believing him. Just. The way he looks at her, the gratitude, the trust -- aagghhhh <3. That being said, it's their partnership I'm really here for: the love, the trust, the way they work together so seamlessly. Shippiness doesn't even have to be part of it. I think what I love most about them is that their loyalty is so hardcore that it transcends whatever else happens with their relationship; they're going to love and trust each other no matter what. That being said, I also think they're super hot together.

I'd love to read sex pollen fic for these two, especially if it focuses on the aftermath when they have to work through the changes to their relationship. Missing scenes are great, especially for 2x11 or 3x01 or any of the other episodes when some kind of hurt/comforty reunion or aftermath was happening just offscreen. Or something with the two of them working together on a job, or sparring, or making up after a fight -- basically anything that hits those trust/partnership buttons would be great.

I didn't expect to be as sold on this pairing as I am, but by the end of S3 I ship it like burning and I'm forever heartbroken that we won't get to see Sarah as a badass android revolutionary; I think Three would be all over that. I'd love to see their reunion or anything post-3x10 - the two of them fighting together, Sarah showing up just in time to save Team Raza from aliens/police/corporate goons/etc, Sarah joining the Raza crew, really anything actiony or hurt/comforty or just quietly domestic after the end of S3.

But, if you'd rather, you could also give me missing scenes from her time in VR, or even in flashback-time when she and Three (then Marcus) first met. Or maybe something angsty in which our version of Three finds out what happened to Sarah in the alt-verse (whatever that was), or Sarah meeting Marcus from the other universe?

Given everything they've been through, a curtainficcy future in which they have a little farm or something, and no one is trying to kill them, and all their friends are safe, would be absolutely lovely if curtainficcy futures happen to be your cup of tea. I could imagine these two settling down on a farm after the Raza pulls off one last big score and being very happy, maybe with their friends visiting from time to time. They've been through so much that I just want a happy future for them.

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