Winter Sunlight

I think we've achieved Peak Dog

While making a sandwich, I accidentally dropped a bit of ham, probably a quarter inch across. The dog was like MY MOMENT HAS COME and was there before I could do anything about it (he doesn't get table scraps, so normally what goes on atop the counters is a foreign mystery to him, and he doesn't have a good idea of what people food tastes like).

... so ham was obviously a revelation, and he has been. Licking. The entire kitchen floor. For the last half hour. Every inch of it. Just in case something equally amazing is lurking in some previously unlicked corner.

At some point in this process I think he forgot why he was licking the floor and started looking kind of anxious about it, like he wasn't sure if he still wanted to lick the floor, but he couldn't stop? Because the floor needed to be licked? So then it was anxious panting interspersed with more floor-licking, until I finally had enough and made him go outside.

Well, I needed an excuse to mop anyway.

The cat watched this entire thing from a few feet away with an expression that it is amusing to interpret as "Do you see what I have to put up with, DO YOU SEE??" but was probably more like "This is literally the only interesting thing that's happening in the entire house, what even is my life."

... In other news, it's -30F and Orion pointed out that it's one hundred degrees colder outside than inside, and now I find myself strangely mind-boggled by that. The modern world is an amazing place.

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Oh the doggo has been smelling tantalizing people food for ages, and dogs can wait endlessly for goodies to come. Shore nuff, he got his moment.
Oh goodness, I giggled so much at your poor doggo!

"it's one hundred degrees colder outside than inside"

Wow. Just... wow.
Your poor dog!

I never thought about 30 below that way, but then, I've never actually experienced quite that level of cold!
Oh dear, you will need to hide any ham sandwiches from him for a while...
LOL! Oh DOG!!!! What is he like, lol!! And the cat too, lol! :D :D

-30F? Yeah, okay, I think I'll stay in the UK...!