DarkMatter-Two & Three

I'm gonna do it :D

I've decided to run a Dark Matter fanworks exchange! (I feel as if I need to jump on this quickly, now that the show has been cancelled, while there's still a large and active enough fandom to make it happen ...)

So I have made a comm: [community profile] we_are_the_raza.

And a planning post for working out rules and details.

I'm thinking the rules will be in most ways identical to SSR Confidential, since that seems to work well, and I'm tentatively looking at having signups in early February, after Chocolate Box winds down.

If you're interested, please stop by the planning post and let me know! Please also feel free to link the comm and planning post; it's a very small fandom, so the wider I can spread the word, the better a chance that it'll get enough signups to be a fully functional exchange. :D

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