Winter Sunlight

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I just found something cool - an online tool that you can type the names of any two cities into, and it'll tell you how far apart they are on the Earth's surface, and how long a nonstop flight between them would take.

On a completely and utterly different topic, this isn't one of my normal reading fandoms at all, but I recently stumbled across 8K of amazing X-Men (movieverse) Erik/Charles CRACK in which the X-Men are crabs living in a tidal rock pool and it has to be shared.

"Fuck off, Lehnsherr," the mantis shrimp said rudely.

Erik's pincers twitched in annoyance. The mantis shrimps were distant cousins, but if it were up to him, he'd prefer believing that Logan was a completely different species entirely. He didn't see why that would be so unreasonable - the things didn't even have the decency to have proper pincers, they had javelins for appendages. Erik had once watched Logan spear a passing squid with a lightning-fast movement, and had promptly decided that, much like decorator crabs, mantis shrimps were not to be trusted.

It's nice to know that SGA wasn't the only fandom prone to utterly cracky AUs.

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