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Ronon/Rodney fic recs

Okay, today is the last day of ibarw week, and as I'm out of fic, I thought I'd offer some Ronon/Rodney links.

SGA is rather unique among my various fandoms, being the only one in which I (semi)regularly read slash. The only pairing that I read much is Sheppard/McKay, with an occasional side of Ronon/Sheppard because they're so incredibly hot separately that they're basically combustible together. However, it's not a pairing that I seek out.

And then the second half of Season 3 happened, and we started getting such lovely Ronon/Rodney scenes on the show that I started seeking out fic for them -- platonic h/c being my crack of choice, but since it's pretty sparse on the ground for them, I started turning to slash and finding some nice, sweet stories there, too.

There aren't a whole lot of links here, due mostly to my lousy organizational skills, especially for slash -- I know there are a whole lot more out there that I liked; I just can't find them. Anyway, here are a few.

Ronon/Rodney friendship

Five Ways Ronon Dex Kisses a Team Member by Minnow - the pairings in this one are Ronon/Teyla with a side dish of Ronon/Sheppard and OT4 ... but it was the platonic and lovely Ronon/Rodney vignette that really sucker-punched me. I read this story long before Season 3 turned me onto the Ronon love, but Minnow is practically prescient with her Ronon character analysis, because this is exactly the direction that the show took him.

Stupid Stuff by NotTasha - Ronon and Rodney, chased by baddies offworld. Some sweet h/c.

The Drowning Deep by Alasse Faelivrin - "Sateda" tag; Ronon and Rodney are sent to the mainland to recuperate.

Ronon/Rodney slash

Satisfaction by hth_the_first and linabean (NC-17) - okay, so, my preference in fiction is "moderation in all things" and, very often, "less is better" -- especially when it comes to graphic sex. I don't mind that it exists, I just don't really read it, and usually find it unnecessary. But in this story, it's absolutely necessary, and sweet and wonderful and integral to the plot. In fact, this story takes most of the slash sex cliches and turns them on their ear, in a really lovely way.

Reasonable and Customary and the sequel, Preexisting Conditions, by darkrosetiger and telesilla (PG-13) - Ronon decides to court Rodney following traditional Satedan custom. Much hilarity and also much adorableness ensues. One of the many things I love about this story is that it deals not just with Ronon and Rodney, but with the team as a whole, in all their many and varied combinations.

The McDex masterlist is a lovely resource for people looking for Ronon/Rodney stories. There are tons of stories on here. Unfortunately they're not accompanied by summaries, and I have to be in the right mood for slash anyway, so I've still barely worked my way through a fraction of the stories on the list.

Okay, your turn. Anybody got some good Ronon/Rodney recs? Friendship or slash ... or team/McShep stories with nice Ronon/Rodney scenes in them will also do. ^_^
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