Fandom Stocking

The stockings are live! Mine is here, and I'm completely delighted with everything I got, including the delightful icon I'm using on this post, a fantastic AU in which Peggy takes the SSR Chief job instead of Daniel by [personal profile] sheron, a darling GotG Christmas story by [personal profile] opalmatrix, and a snippet of a Fallen London/Agent Carter crossover by [personal profile] frith_in_thorns (in which Peggy has a mushroom hat and Jack is a Devil, because of course he is). Also book recs, pictures, greetings, and lots of lovely stuff. ♥

As usual, I didn't manage to treat everyone I wanted to, but I did sign up as a needy-stocking-filler, so I ended up writing quite a bit anyway! This year I wrote:

[Agent Carter] Ladyhawke AU [also on Tumblr]
[Stargate Atlantis] Rodney and Teyla are buried in an avalanche
[White Collar] Neal's first Christmas post-prison and Kate
[Ant-Man] Cassie and her giant pet ant

[Stranger Things] The kids give Steve a walkie-talkie of his own for Christmas
[Stranger Things] Kali has her own special Christmas ritual
[Stranger Things] Joyce/Hopper at Thanksgiving
[Stranger Things] The kids teach Steve to play D&D

[Dark Matter] Clothes-sharing for the win. Hey, it's a small ship. (Two/Three plus other pairings)
[Dark Matter] Two has a wardrobe malfunction (Two/Three)

All are gen unless other pairings are noted. Since they're all pretty short this year, I'll probably end up reposting them on Tumblr (and some are on AO3). I'll add the Tumblr links when they're up.

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Loved the one with Rodney and Teyla, lol!! And of course you already know I love the White Collar one you wrote for me! Thanks again! :D