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Yuletide reveals

Yuletide reveals are out! Despite not being signed up for it, I decided to try to write a treat for everyone who requested Stranger Things and a sholio-compatible combination of characters, since this is certainly the last year it’ll be eligible. (Yuletide is a small-fandoms-only exchange, and the fandom has exploded since S2 came out.) I didn’t manage to do that, but I did write a bucketload of Steve/Nancy/Jonathan (and one that’s just Steve & the kids fluffy gen), and I’m really happy with how all of these turned out!

caroling, caroling through the snow (2300 words, gen, Steve + the kids)
The Hawkins Middle School AV club gets a holiday fundraising idea, and Steve is just along for the ride. (Literally.)

Let’s Stop the World (5300 words, pre-Steve/Nancy/Jonathan with some Steve/Nancy, but really mostly friendship)
It was supposed to just be a study session. Steve’s failing algebra. Jonathan’s acing it. And Jonathan could use a little extra money from after-school tutoring. But somehow it turned into more. (Or: AU in which Steve and Jonathan become friends before the start of season 1, and everything is different.)

Elf on the Shelf (1000 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Nancy has a holiday job at the mall. Now if she can just stop everyone she knows from finding out. Especially two of them in particular.

Home for the Holidays (3400 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan, futurefic)
When a blizzard prevents the three from going home for Christmas, they have to make their own Christmas in their new apartment, terrible tree and nonfunctional oven and everything.

Ghostbusters R Us (3100 words, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Steve’s college dorm has a ghost. They fought a Demogorgon together, right? Ghosts shouldn’t be too much trouble.

And then there was one I wrote that actually ISN’T Stranger Things! Street Justice is an early-90s buddy cop show, and I picked up the request of a magic/urban-fantasy AU as a treat for one of the pinch hitters. I haven’t actually seen the show since it aired on TV the first time, so I watched some clips on Youtube to refresh my memory on the character voices and relationships, and now I kinda want to watch the show again.

Caged Lightning (Street Justice, 1800 words, gen)
Adam’s never seen anyone use magic like Grady does. He’s never seen anyone fight like Grady does either. Magic AU.

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