Chocolate Box letter

Thank you so much for writing for me! ♥ I love all the requested canons and would be very pleased with fic for any of them. I hope you have fun making something for me!

Likes: hurt/comfort (especially head wounds, characters being woozy/out of it, hypothermia/huddling for warmth, aftermath of torture or captivity, emotional support, drunk & sad, near-drowning, first aid in a survival/field situation, or anything involving desperate worry and "oh no don't die on me"), fluff, angst with a happy or at least hopeful ending, found family, curtainfic/domesticity, characters hanging out together (getting drinks, playing games, etc), casefic/action, presumed dead, missing scenes, futurefic, loyalty, enemies to friends (and optionally to lovers), AUs

DNWs: permanent character death, incest, unrequested non-canon pairings (mention of canon pairings is always fine), tragic or hopeless endings

Agent Carter
Peggy/Daniel & Jack
Peggy & Jack & Daniel
Peggy & Jack
Jack & Rose

The Peggy/Jack/Daniel triad is my AC OT3, in any/all combos. I don't think I've actually read any fic that added Violet to the mix, so if that's your cup of tea, I'd be really fascinated to see what you do with that. (Doesn't have to be a "full" OT4; it could just be, say, Peggy/Daniel + Daniel/Violet + Peggy/Jack or something like that. I'm quite open to more unusual pairing combinations in poly relationships in fic, V's and that sort of thing.) Jack/OMC would also be fascinating (a fellow spy? a civilian? a wartime hookup?) especially if Peggy and/or Daniel's friendship and reactions are involved somehow. And then I requested Jack & Rose because I think it'd be really interesting and there should be more Rose fic!

For any of the above pairings, I'm just as happy with snippets from an established relationship as with get-together fic.

Some ideas/prompts:
- acquiring an accidental superpower
- saving someone's life or rescuing them
- getting patched up after a mission gone bad
- sex pollen
- Valentine's Day or another holiday circa 1940s
- AUs: urban fantasy, werewolves, bookstore, modern-day cops, IN SPACE, etc ...
- going out for drinks, poker night, or other bonding activities
- sparring or learning new fighting tricks
- future fic, anywhere between the 1940s and the present day - how do their lives go post-canon?
- a quiet evening at home
- post-S2 recovery or aftermath
- general casefic, investigating something weird, a character being kidnapped, something to do with the mysteries left over from S2, basically any/all casefic is great!
- Jack flirting with a Russian spy during the Cold War
- "Don't touch that!"
- "Wait for me. Please."

Stranger Things
Jonathan/Nancy & Steve
Jonathan & Steve
Steve & Dustin
Steve & the kids

I fell HARD for Steve in season 2. I adored his friendship with Dustin and the kids, I really wanted more interaction between Steve and Jonathan, and while I love the rest of the cast too, right now I'm just craving Steve fic. I would be delighted with get-together or established-relationship OT3 fic, fic about Steve hanging out with the kids, Steve becoming friends with Jonathan and/or reconciling with Nancy (doesn't have to be shippy; background Jonathan/Nancy is fine in any of this), Steve meeting Kali (shippy or non).

In this fandom, I'd prefer nothing explicit. Kissing/cuddling or implied sex for the above pairings is fine; I'm just not interested in reading explicit sex with these characters.

Some ideas/prompts:
- Post-2x09 fic with Steve being patched up (yes, there's a lot of it. yes, I can always read more of it).
- Steve gets in trouble and the kids or the Nancy/Jonathan component of the OT3 have to rescue him. Doesn't have to be long; just a brief "Steve is pulled out of trouble and patched up" ficlet would make my day.
- Or Steve as the rescuer, saving the kids, or Nancy, or Jonathan.
- On the run from some new terrible thing in Hawkins and/or from the government, Steve takes the kids to Kali's gang for protection.
- The kids decide to try to make Steve happy by matchmaking him. (Could end up OT3, could result in Steve platonically reconciling with Nancy/Jonathan, could just be Steve + the kid hijinks.)
- PTSD, panic attacks, nightmares, etc.
- Steve takes the kids camping.
- Valentine's with the OT3.
- The single characters (Steve, Dustin, Hopper, etc.) bond over their shared single-ness on Valentine's Day.
- Graduation day.
- Kali has the ability to recognize people's soulmates; it's one of the things she did for her gang.
- "all that glitters isn't gold"
- a private place just for us
- "Are you out of your damn mind?!"
- "Told you I could do it."

Dark Matter
Five & Three
Three & Two

Five & Three
Their big brother/little sister relationship is SO CUTE. Some possible story ideas: her teaching him something about computers, or him teaching her about guns; aftermath or a missing scene for 2x11 or another episode; some Five POV from the time loop episode; Five finding out the secret from Three's past that Four told him in 3x12 and having to decide whether to tell him or not; one of them doing something nice for the other one; their reunion after she thinks he's dead in 3x01, after he gets kidnapped by the Alt-team in 3x06, or after their separation at the end of the S3 finale.

Three & Two, Three/Two
The moment when I started hardcore shipping these two was the moment in the time-loop episode when he kisses her on the forehead for believing him. Just. The way he looks at her, the gratitude, the trust -- aagghhhh <3. That being said, it's their partnership I'm really here for: the love, the trust, the way they work together so seamlessly. Shippiness doesn't have to be part of it.

I'd love to read sex pollen fic for these two, especially if it includes, or focuses on, aftermath when they have to work through the changes to their relationship. Missing scenes are great, especially for 2x11 or 3x01 or any of the other episodes when some kind of hurt/comforty reunion or aftermath was happening just offscreen. Or something with the two of them working together on a job, or sparring, or making up after a fight -- basically anything that hits those trust/partnership buttons would be great.

I didn't expect to be as sold on this pairing as I am, but by the end of S3 I ship it like burning and I'm forever heartbroken that we won't get to see Sarah coming back as a badass android revolutionary; I think Three would be all over that. I'd love to see their reunion or anything post-androiding, but you could also give me missing scenes from her time in VR or back when he was still Marcus. Or maybe he finds out what happened to Sarah in the Mirrorverse? Given everything they've been through, a curtainficcy future in which they have a little farm or something, and no one is trying to kill them, and all their friends are safe, would be lovely if that's your cup of tea.

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