Chess piece oh noes

Help help, I'm old

I have a pretty little lamp in my "reading nook" where the couch and a bookcase are. This morning my pretty lamp fizzled and died.

Oh no, I thought, what's wrong? Is it broken? I flipped up the lampshade and ... oh.

Incandescent bulb.


Remember when we used to do this all the time? Lamps fizzling out and having their bulbs replaced was just ... a thing. You had to do it every year or two for every single light fixture you owned.

Now it's going to be one of those things that the next generation of adults don't even know about.


(I mean, yes, non-incandescent light bulbs don't last forever either, but it's not a "constantly buying lightbulbs" kind of thing like it used to be.)

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I think the only one we have left in the place is in the porch light, and it's been there for nigh on 20 years. The rest... well, maybe they don't last forever but it does seem like it, does't it? We used to keep a box of space ones in the cupboard - now it's one in a drawer.

Odd to think what has turned - just as we were there, not watching, into history....
You are more advanced than I! We still have a number of incandescent bulbs, and they're kind of a pain. Then again, our fluorescent bulbs often don't last anywhere near as long as advertised, and they're much more expensive, so that's a pain too.

My gosh. I've become a curmudgeon. I'M OLD.

And I'm older than you are, whippersnapper!
LOL! Oh yes, this!! :D :D

We only have four incandescent bulbs left that are in use, and one of those is for a dimmable light. As they burn out, they'll get replaced - if not earlier. Two I'd forgotten we hadn't done (bedside lamps), so now I've remembered them, they might get sorted.

But yeah, things change and sometimes I feel old when talking about something I think everyone knows about and discover that the youngster has little to no idea what I'm wittering on about!! I mean, I remember when computer programs came on audio tape, let alone those huge floppy disks (that were actually floppy) that came after!!
It is an odd thought, how quickly we get used to shifts in technology like that!